Wine: ‘Cantine d’Italia’, 2022 edition tells about 820 companies – Wine

Wine: ‘Cantine d’Italia’, 2022 edition tells about 820 companies – Wine
Wine: ‘Cantine d’Italia’, 2022 edition tells about 820 companies – Wine

(ANSA) – TURIN, 02 DEC – The new edition of ‘Cantine d’Italia’, published by Go Wine and coordinated by the president of the association, Massimo Corrado.

A work, presented today in Milan, designed for the wine tourist, starting from the cellar “as a place where men and women of wine work and plan their work, where they are bearers of family stories and traditions, or of more recent investments”, explains the curator.

“The winery, over the years, has fully become a place of promotion of the territory, – continues Corrado – because it invites you to travel and communicates with its reality a territorial identity made up of everything that revolves around: the landscape, the vineyards, the tradition of the place, the villages. A guide that therefore does not want to address only the ‘super enthusiasts’, but who wants to be an opportunity to create culture in favor of wine and its territories. the role that Italian viticulture is playing in favor of the beauty and enhancement of many territories “‘Cantine d’Italia’ 2022 has selected 820 wineries and awarded 245” Footprints of excellence “for wine tourism; over 4,400 wines, about 1,500 useful addresses for eating and sleeping. In the ranking by regions relating to ‘Footprints’, Tuscany is the leader with 53 (growing), followed by Piedmont (43) and Veneto (34). The number of wineries that reach the top of the ‘Tre Impronte Go Wine’ rises to 16 in the 2022 edition. For the third consecutive edition, the guide also presents the “Autoctoni Paths”: with the symbol of the grape in a wheelchair, to point out companies who have recently carried out research and attention in favor of indigenous vines. Finally, 8 ‘Special Prizes were awarded. (HANDLE).



Wine Cantine dItalia edition tells companies Wine

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