Green pass Italy, how the controls will work: the Viminale circular

Green pass Italy, how the controls will work: the Viminale circular
Green pass Italy, how the controls will work: the Viminale circular

Rome, 2 December 2021 – Checks of the municipal police in the bar, restaurants and in public businesses; checks on passengers of bus and metro entrusted as a priority to the police and carabinieri, supported by the traffic police. There circular of the Interior Ministry to the prefects – relating to the decree law of November 26, with the new containment measures of Covid-19 – draws up the new strategy of checks on the Green pass (and the ‘super’ one, i.e. strengthened), ready to go in all Italy from 6 December, when the measures envisaged by the decree will take effect. We remind you that from that date, the ‘basic’ pass (obtainable with the swab) will be necessary in hotels, public transport and changing rooms, while the enhanced version certificate (with vaccination or recovery from Covid) in clubs, bars and restaurants. Masks required indoors and, in several cities, also outdoors where required by local ordinances. An agreed vision of the same Regions, which in the guidelines just approved highlighted “that in the current phase in which the vaccination campaign is underway and the international scientific indications do not exclude the possibility that the vaccinated subject could become infected, even without developing the disease, and spreading the contagion, the presentation of one of the Covid-19 green certifications does not replace compliance with the measures to prevent and combat the spread of the infection, such as in particular the use of the mask in closed environments “.

Regions guidelines: “Mask indoors, vaccinated can infect”

” Compliance with the new provisions aimed at containing the pandemic is the real key to strengthening the primary needs for the protection of public health and not to frustrate the efforts already made in this direction, thus avoiding the restoration of the more restrictive measures introduced in the past and the slowdown in the process of recovery of the national economy ”, reads the circular, which underlines ” the decisive importance of controls on compliance with the new measures ”. The decree, writes Frattasi, ” establishes that the prefects send one to the Minister of the Interior weekly report that gives account of the results of the activity carried out within the respective competence ”, to ensure, ” between the center and the territory, a continuous flow of information ”.

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Therefore, in the sights of the Interior Ministry, there are above all the crafty ones who will try to get on trains, subways and buses without a pass. In this regard, the recommendation of the Interior Ministry is that the controls on public transport are implemented in such a way as to guarantee the fluidity of the service and to “avert” possible “gatherings and possible repercussions of public order”, writes in the document the head of cabinet Bruno Frattasi, who reiterates that the checks of the pass will also be strengthened in the nightlife areas is in the weekend.

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In the sector of public exercises and of catering, “the control activity of the Municipal police. In order to avoid overlapping with the activities of the other police forces, in particular the Guardia di Finanza, and to make the control action more effective and efficient, the need is emphasized that the respective services in this area are subject to a ‘careful planning’.

As of December 15, the document mentions thevaccination obligation anti Covid “comes extended, among other things, to the personnel of the defense, security and public rescue sector, as well as to that of the local police “. And therefore, it is the conclusion of the Interior Ministry,” it should be noted that vaccination is an essential requirement for carrying out work activities of the obliged subjects, with the consequence that any non-fulfillment determines the immediate Suspension from the service, without disciplinary consequences and with the right to retain the employment relationship. During the suspension period no salary or other remuneration is due or emolument “.

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