Lotito’s dream is shattered: despite the yes of the elections, the Senate freezes him permanently

Day of discussion in the Chamber on the reports of the Election Committee and immunities. The senators are called to express themselves on some disputed seats of the 2018 session. And the most striking case is that of the president of Lazio, Claudio Lotito: he is elected in the Campania lists of Forza Italia, a year ago the council accepted his appeal, recognizing him the right to a seat at Palazzo Madama. Due to an alleged miscalculation, that seat is currently occupied by Vincenzo Carbone, senator of living Italy. Although the decision seemed to have been taken, however, an agenda of the group leader of the Mixed Loredana De Petris, passed with 155 yes, 102 no and 4 abstentions, sent the question back to the council, effectively closing the game. And Italy alive, which does not hide its satisfaction, attacks the Democratic Party for having allied itself with the center-right in order to make the Renzians lose a senator.

«Vincenzo Carbone is safe and the group of IV is extremely happy – we read in a note -, despite the clear vote with the right of seven senators of the Democratic Party on the suspension to let even Lotito enter just to blow up an Iv senator. How would the faithful of Letta have commented in reverse? How many would have been indignant if Iv had voted as the Democratic Party did today? ». With the Lotito case filed for the moment, the Senate greets the force worker Anna Maria Minuto, who will have to leave the seat to her party mate, Michele Boccardi, never proclaimed due to an alleged error of the Bari Court of Appeal. A reinstatement remained in standby from 2020 due to the failure to schedule the provision. “I am always loyal, penalized by top-level agreements,” the senator commented hotly. Words that confirm the game in progress in the center-right to shift the influence of individual leaders, even by a single seat.

Tension in the center-right for the seat left by Saviane

Minuto, in fact, is given in approach to the League and was therefore looked upon with suspicion by the leaders of the party. Some sources in via Bellerio suggest that Forza Italia and the Brothers of Italy have made an agreement to divide up the disputed benches. The real game, in fact, concerns the Venetian seat left by the Northern League senator Paolo Saviane, who died last August 20. “The agreement between Forza Italia and the Brothers of Italy is to leave the seat to Giorgia Meloni’s party – explains an anonymous” prominent figure “of the League to theActed -. It is a serious matter because we are not dealing here with a political question, but a human one ”. In the end, the League’s concerns were averted: the hall of Palazzo Madama gave the green light to the report of the junta on the Veneto seat remained vancnate, proclaiming Clotilde Minasi senator, before the non-elected in Calabria. The agenda of the Brothers of Italy, which asked to assign the place to its exponent, Bartolomeo Amidei, the first of the non-elected in Veneto, was rejected. The third seat submitted to the vote of Palazzo Madama, then, was that of Senator Adriano Cario, elected abroad and part of the Mixed group.

The senator elected abroad Cario dies: “I have not manipulated any ballot,” he says in tears

With an agenda signed by Simona Malpezzi, leader of the Democratic Party, Cario fell in favor of the exponent Dem Fabio Porta. Cario had ended up in the middle of a scandolo for the alleged manipulation of ballot papers, “over 2 thousand according to a handwriting report by the Rome prosecutor’s office”, recalled the vice-president of the Foreign Affairs commission, Senator Laura Garavini. “I am no stranger to any hypothesis of manipulation – he commented in tears -. There was an expert opinion without contradictory, on a very small sample, 3 sections out of 99, only 375 cards compared to many tens of miles of votes which I legitimately obtained ».

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