Turn off the stove, chef Chicco Coria is dead

Bergamo. What chef Chicco Coria died. The news is one that comes like a flash and for us at Bergamonews it is a blow to the heart.

We had known Chicco for some time, he had been our chef at the newspaper’s five-year party on the Sentierone. We had followed him in his exploits and he has always been a master in the kitchen and at the table: from the Abacanto on Lake Endine, to the Cappello d’Oro in Bergamo, from the One Restaurant in Dalmine to the “Borgogna” restaurant in Montello up to banquets. .

His immense support for Atalanta was very tasty.

Federico Coria, 55, passed away on the afternoon of Thursday 2 December, after two days in intensive care at the Niguarda hospital in Milan, where he had been transported by Romano di Lombardia following a leg problem.

We believe that the best thing to remember is to propose his recipes that you can find on our youtube channel. We just have the bitterness and regret of giving this announcement, the sweet memory of his laughter and his friendship remains. Hi Chicco.

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Turn stove chef Chicco Coria dead

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