Green pass, here are the rules for moving between regions at Christmas

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It will almost certainly be a Christmas with few travel limits. By the end of the year, many regions could reach Friuli Venezia Giulia (and Alto Adige from 6 December) in the yellow zone. But for travel between white and yellow areas There are no further restrictions, with respect to the current ones which require a Green pass to board a train or plane.

Basic green pass for public transport

Who moves in car has no obligation. It is also possible to give a lift to non-cohabiting people, provided that the rule of the presence of only the driver in the front of the car and of two passengers maximum for each further row of rear seats is respected, with the obligation for all passengers to wear the mask. Those who opt for public transport (Intecity or high speed, interregional and regional trains, ships, ferries, airplanes, buses) is required to exhibit the Green pass. In this case in its version base, not “reinforced” or “super”.

Therefore it will not be necessary to be vaccinated or cured from Covid (the so-called German 2G model). A negative rapid molecular or antigenic swab will also suffice. It being understood that in this case the green certification has a reduced duration: 48 hours in the case of a rapid swab and 24 hours in the case of a molecular swab.

In orange super green pass to leave the Municipality

Things change if you are in or move to an orange region. In this case, in fact, the distinction is made between vaccinated (or cured) and unvaccinated. In the orange zone, “free” travel outside the municipality of residence is allowed only to holders of the “Super Green pass”. Otherwise they are only possible for self-certified reasons of work, necessity, urgency. But it should be specified that currently the only Region that could move into the orange zone by the end of the year is Friuli Venezia Giulia, which records the highest percentage of hospitalizations in intensive care (14%) and in ordinary wards (23%).

Christmas in lockdown excluded

In short, for the 46 million Italians who have already done the two doses of the vaccine or who have recovered from Covid, the risk of spending Christmas and New Year’s holidays in lockdown as happened last year seems to be excluded. The vaccine will make a difference in the restrictions for the vast majority of Italians, avoiding the specter of holidays closed at home. Also because to travel by train or bus, unless an unlikely “explosion” of the orange areas, a negative (antigenic or molecular) swab will continue to be sufficient.


Green pass rules moving regions Christmas

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