Arrests drug theft box Brianza

A betrayal by his right arm – who took 450 kilos of drugs away from a box in Brianza used as a warehouse by a 36-year-old woman in charge of a drug dealer – and a fake theft that led to that garage. the carabinieri.

And now five people ended up in prison on charges of drug dealing and over four quintals of drugs have been kidnapped. The investigations began in April, following a massive theft inside a garage in Cesano Maderno. And at dawn on Thursday the carabinieri of the Desio company carried out the precautionary custody order in prison issued by the GIP on the proposal of the Monza Public Prosecutor’s Office against five people: the “drug lady”, the traitor accomplice 45 years old, two collaborators of the latter and a 38 year old drug dealer.

The fake theft in the box with 450 kilos of drugs

They robbed their boss, a 36-year-old woman from Saronno, and then they ended up in the crosshairs of the carabinieri, alerted following the raid inside the garage where four quintals of hashish were kept which they themselves had evidently made disappear to sell them. own. And keep the earnings to them. But they got themselves into trouble.

After renting a box in an apartment building, the organization, headed by a 36-year-old woman from Saronno, had transformed the garage into a warehouse for tons of drugs. The “lady of hashish”, however, was deceived and robbed by her right arm, a 45-year-old from Senago. The man, during a night in early April, had simulated a theft inside the underground garage without the woman’s knowledge, taking possession of the drug and then hiding it inside a house in Cesate. After a while, however, the doorkeeper of the building noticed the theft,

And when the 36-year-old’s collaborator (and author of the theft) showed up on the spot – commissioned by the woman – he also found the soldiers of the Arma di Desio. Suspicious of the anomalous smell coming from the garage, the military carried out a search inside the house in Cesate where they found over 80 kg of hashish, part of the loot stolen from the garage two nights earlier.

It was the chats on the suspect’s smartphone together with the video surveillance images of the cameras between Cesano Maderno and Cesate that allowed the investigators to reconstruct the movements of the 45-year-old and his two accomplices during the night of the simulated theft. The relationship of subordination with the woman on whose behalf he should have guarded the drug and the collaboration with the two accomplices came to light.

The dealer who sold drugs under the house

Thanks to the maxi seizure carried out and the activities to combat drug dealing with numerous buyers arrested and video footage, it was possible to arrest a 38-year-old from Senago under investigation during the same operation. In fact, the man had started a thriving retail business of multiple substances under his own home, also using hashish from the “simulated theft”.

All five are in prison in Monza and Milan, waiting to be questioned by the judicial authorities.

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