Harassed journalist, Filippo Facci writes a post on Greta Beccaglia: “Suspended by Facebook”

Harassed journalist, Filippo Facci writes a post on Greta Beccaglia: “Suspended by Facebook”
Harassed journalist, Filippo Facci writes a post on Greta Beccaglia: “Suspended by Facebook”

The profile of Filippo Facci has been suspended for a week by Facebook after a post, much discussed on social media, on the case of the Toscana Tv journalist, Greta beccaglia harassed by some fans after Empoli-Fiorentina. To make it known, with a tweet, the same journalist. «Facebook – he says – suspended me for a week because of the post below. I don’t give a damn. But you at least – you know who I’m talking about – are you happy? ». In the offending post, published yesterday, Facci had written: «I am Topo Gigio. And the one in the photo is a victim of sexual harassment », attaching the photo of Greta Beccaglia. A much discussed intervention, with mostly critical comments against the author accused of male chauvinism and sexism, which today ended up among the trends in Italy.

“It is not the first time that I have been suspended from Facebook – explains Facci to ANSA -. Then they often change their minds and readmit me. When I try to publish a post, I get the message that a content published by me does not comply with Facebook regulations and that the block will be active for a week. There is a way to object, I tried but an automatic response arrives that for the covid emergency they may not detect my request. It’s all surreal, because it only takes a single person who signals to determine my block. The suspension always takes place on the basis of reports, just click a button “.

“There is a problem of the sense of ridicule – he adds -. I’m talking about Topo Gigio, I don’t express a concept, it’s simply something you have to perceive. And there is a problem of extraordinary conformity, I don’t know if it is due to the logarithm that Facebook uses or by human intervention. I must say that this is the most ridiculous block I have received, because the suspension is not dictated by the actual gravity of the topic but by the reactions aroused. “We block everything to avoid trouble”, this seems to me the reasoning of Facebook. Then eventually after that of the logarithm there is a human intervention ». Facci underlines in the offending post: «A pat on the butt cannot be considered an episode of violence that would lead to a battle against violence for the whole female gender. In Repubblica I found written in a small article below that a councilor was beaten by no vax on the train. This episode had an infinitesimal space, much less than the episode of the journalist, but that is violence. So, as I wrote on Twitter, I declared myself sexist to close it there. “

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Harassed journalist Filippo Facci writes post Greta Beccaglia Suspended Facebook

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