Destroyed car and a broken nose –

Destroyed car and a broken nose –
Destroyed car and a broken nose –

The journalist and music critic who hit a peak while traveling the Teramo-L’Aquila, in Abruzzo: his conditions are not serious. The policemen told me: “You have Our Lady who protects you, for how the car was placed”. I am dazed, but like having received a second life

Red Ronnie, popular journalist and music critic, had an accident yesterday, Wednesday 1 December.

The crash occurred on the A24 Teramo-L’Aquila motorway, in Abruzzo. The driver’s car hit a peak – the tip formed by the guard rail at a road fork.

Transported to the hospital in L’Aquila, his conditions were not serious: the conductor – as he himself explained on his Facebook page – then went to the hotel and, today morning, returned home.

I had a very bad accident, he said in a long voice message on Telegram, the road – the Rome-Teramo – full of works in progress with constant carriage changes. I got distracted for a moment to see how much was missing on the navigator, and when I looked up again there was a new lane change, and I bumped right in the middle.

I destroyed the car completelyhe added, the airbag did not even open. I have a compound fracture to the nasal septum, he added.

The ambulance took me to the hospital, although in my opinion there was no need. And in L’Aquila they were very kind, they gave me all kinds of exams. They also did that to check if I was on drugs or drunk, he smiled.

amazing how in a moment, in a second, your whole life can change. Tomorrow (today, editor’s note) my daughter’s birthday, and we’ll have a party, because it’s right to celebrate. I am very peaceful, even if very upset, and bewildered. The policemen said: “Red, you have the Madonna who protects you, because the car was like …”. Nice is not it? like having another life.

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