Try to get on the plane with another green pass: reported in his thirties

On the morning of November 29, a 30-year-old man, about to board a flight to Milan Malpensa, attempted to circumvent the green certification checks by showing another person’s green pass. The incongruity did not go unnoticed by a Border Police officer present at the departure gate, where Sacal staff checks the boarding passes and green passes of all passengers.

The further investigations carried out by the State Police operators made it possible to outline the passenger’s intention to illegally use another person’s green certification in order to pass the anticovid checks and therefore embark on the direct flight to Malpensa.

The attempt was unsuccessful thanks to the efficient safety device of the Lamezia Terme airport.
The agents of the Lamezia Terme Air Border Police therefore referred the 30-year-old to the Judicial Authority, accusing him of the crime of substituting the person.


plane green pass reported thirties

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