new BAD WEATHER with RAIN, WIND and SNOW. ATTENTION to the next hours «3B Meteo

new BAD WEATHER with RAIN, WIND and SNOW. ATTENTION to the next hours «3B Meteo
new BAD WEATHER with RAIN, WIND and SNOW. ATTENTION to the next hours «3B Meteo

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Weather report Italy

MALTEMPO CONCENTRATED IN THE CENTER AND ON THE TRIVENETO: on this morning of Thursday 2 December, the rains they are mainly affecting Romagna, Veneto, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Sardinia and Central Italy with local phenomena in the background thunderstorm over Lazio and lower Tuscany. Accumulate even higher than 40mm in the province of Frosinone. Snows up to hilly altitudes on Friuli. Wide spells instead in the North-West, on Sicily and Calabria. In the next few hours the weather will also get worse in Southern Italy.

In the following video the weather this morning in Rome:

SITUATION. With the low pressure channel wide open from Scandinavia to the central Mediterranean, the fronts of Arctic origin manage to reach Italy as well. One of these did it yesterday evening when it went into action in the western Alps giving rise to some snowfalls and phenomena that quickly spread to a large part of the North and to the Tyrrhenian regions, as well as to Sardinia, locally accompanied by some temporal.

WEAK SNOW ON THE ALPS. The snowfall began yesterday evening on the western borders with flakes that have rapidly spread towards the central-eastern Alps and still persist in the early hours of the morning. In any case, it is a matter of weak snowfalls, which have already stopped in the west. The snow limit has remained low and is currently settling down around 500 / 600m altitude, but in some cases the flakes have gone down to 300 / 400m, as in the Belluno area, so much so that Feltre has been whitewashed.

RAIN AND REVERSE ON CENTRO-EAST VAL PADANA. In fact, the plains of the Northwest jumped from the disturbance, leeward of the Alps, while the rains made their appearance from Lombardy to the Northeast, with pluviometric accumulations of up to 25mm during the night in Emilia in the Parma area, on the other hand, they reach 20mm in the extreme north-east of Trieste.

ROVESCI BETWEEN SPEZZINO AND ALTA TUSCANA. The disturbance accompanied by a tense flow from the southwest is acting between the extreme Levant of Liguria and upper Tuscany with phenomena that are also intense, in particular on the Apennine areas that divide the watershed with Emilia, where they gather over 50mm of rain from midnight. On the Apennine reliefs the snow level fluctuates around 1300 / 1500m.

BAD WEATHER ON THE TIRRENICHE, SOME TEMPORALS. The flow from the southwest that sweeps the Tyrrhenian Sea and accompanies the disturbance is directly involving the regions of the Tyrrhenian side with rains and showers from Tuscany to the border between lower Campania and upper Calabria. Some thunderstorms at dawn reported on Lazio, rains also on the capital and phenomena that go inland to reach Umbria and inland areas of Marche and Abruzzo. It snows on the central Apennines from about 1600m.

In the following video the situation in Rome just before dawn:

RAIN IN SARDINIA, SPECIES IN THE WEST. The same perturbation that is affecting the peninsular regions, especially the Tyrrhenian ones, affects Sardinia with rains and showers on the western side and even some storms. The Oristano area is the most involved so far, with rainfall accumulations of over 20mm from midnight

WEATHER NEXT HOURS. Sunny spells in the Northwest except for mists in the morning in the plains and thickets with light snow on the border Alps, cloudy in the Northeast with rains and showers that will become more frequent in Friuli VG and Romagna and with snow on the Apennines from 1200m, from 500 / 700m in the Dolomites. Bad weather on the Tyrrhenian regions from the Spezzino to the upper Calabria with heavy showers and locally thunderstorms, especially between Lazio and Campania, but attenuating during the day between Salernitano and upper Tyrrhenian Calabria where partial bright spells will occur. Expected on the Adriatic side bad weather on the Marche with rains and showers in extension to Abruzzo and up to the high Puglia, even if a little weaker. Dry with bright spells on Salento and the rest of the South, even if in the evening some rains could reach the westernmost sectors of Sicily. Snow on the central Apennines from 1500 / 1600m. Unstable in Sardinia with showers above all in the first part of the day on the western side. Tense or strong winds from the southwest, from the northwest over the Sardinian Sea, possible storm surges on the exposed coasts. For all the details enter the section Weather Italy. For the forecast for Friday click here.

Weather coming hours

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