Maria Elena Boschi: “Letta wants the vote, Prodi is blinded by resentment”

Maria Elena Boschi: “Letta wants the vote, Prodi is blinded by resentment”
Maria Elena Boschi: “Letta wants the vote, Prodi is blinded by resentment”

ROME. Maria Elena Boschi has just met Mario Draghi when she answers for the interview. With the delegation of Italia viva he illustrated the party’s positions on the maneuver to the premier. The premier is calm – he assures – despite the turmoil of the majority. Of course, “going to vote serves some party”, according to the parent company of Italia viva in the Chamber, starting with the Democratic Party because Enrico Letta “wants to change the parliamentary groups in which he does not affect at all”. But the Democratic Party, he adds, “must choose”: if it stays with the M5S, the roads with Iv will separate.

Is the premier worried about the fibrillation in the majority over the maneuver?
“I do not think. Draghi is working well. A year ago we went to Chigi to confront a Conte clearly not up to par and in the midst of a crisis with Italy on its knees due to the pandemic. Today we go to Chigi and we find Draghi, a competent premier, the best vaccination plan in the world, an extraordinary economic recovery. A year has passed, but it seems like a century. ”

Renzi is worried about the fate of the legislature, Letta says that if the governing parties split up on the Quirinale they risk elections. Will the Draghi government hold the vote for the Colle?
“I hope so. Going to vote is for some party, going ahead is for the country “.

But why would Letta want to vote early?
“Because he wants to change the parliamentary groups in which he has no influence at all. Similarly, Conte, Salvini and Meloni prefer the vote in 2022 because it is more useful for their parties. We, on the other hand, are focused on what Italy needs ».

In the last few days the party of those asking Draghi to stay at Palazzo Chigi has been growing …
«Those who today say ‘Dragons forever’ are the same who yesterday said ‘Count or death’. We have always supported Draghi. And for this reason we think that the game of burning a candidate every day is useless. Anyone who knows how to elect a President of the Republic knows that the real choices are made in the end: talking about it now is only a dialectical exercise. The choices are made in January: until then we let Mattarella and Draghi do their job as well as they have always done ».

I’m not asking her for a name for the Quirinale, obviously she wouldn’t. But can it indicate at least one profile?
«Europeanist, atlantist, guarantor, man or woman of the institutions. In line with Ciampi, Napolitano and Mattarella ».

You have voted with the center-right several times in recent weeks, sending the majority under. Romano Prodi now considers you already on the right.
«I have always had such esteem for Prodi that I voted him in 2013 as President of the Republic, but today I find it hard to recognize him. On the right are Meloni and Salvini, not Renzi. Conte’s M5S did it with the Lega, not us. If Prodi does not see the difference, it means that he is blinded by resentment because in 2015 Renzi preferred Mattarella to him for the race at the Quirinale. Seven years later I can say that he did well ».

You keep saying “never with the M5s”. But the Movement is changing a lot, just look at the yes to 2 per thousand. Is there no space to sit at the table?
“They say yes to everything they have fought. Now they are also happy with public funding for parties. Seeing Di Maio applaud Macron after having been to the Yellow Vests, being next to Mattarella whom he wanted to be indicted is the symbol of their hypocrisy. They are not statesmen, they are opportunists. But also for this reason they are destined to disappear faster than expected ».

There is an objective fact: the center-left also needs the 15% that the polls attribute to M5s to compete.
“You teach me that the polls are constantly changing. There is a year and a half to go before the elections and if I think of the polls a year and a half ago I remember the League at 35% and the grillini not far away. Everything changes. I think that the 5 stars will split up again and that Conte must vote in 2022 because if you go to 2023 Di Maio will knock him out ».

But with the Democratic Party it now seems to be breaking up. And you have assured that you will not make deals with the sovereign right. Will you go alone to the next elections?
«We will never be with Salvini and Meloni who are sovereigns. But we will not even be with Conte and Taverna who are populists. The PD choose. If he prefers to ally himself with Toninelli rather than with Bellanova, it will mean that the companions of the past are no longer there and we will take note. If the Democratic Party marries the populists we will work for a liberal democratic and certainly reformist common home ”.

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