Santa Claus arrives on the ‘Catalan house’ in Milan

The building that seems to melt like Dalì’s clocks and that for its shape recalls one of the houses designed by Antoni Gaudì in Barcelona, ​​has now become Christmas. In fact, in these days a Santa Claus from behind on his sleigh and a reindeer to lead it have appeared on the work of street art signed by Cheone.

The ‘Catalan palace’ of Porta Romana becomes Christmas (photo Ig / cibalgina)

The building, in corso di Porta Romana 113, already had a fairytale aspect and now, again thanks to Cheone’s brushes, it has transformed under the influence of the Christmas spirit: even snow has appeared on the painted windows. Completed last July, the intervention looks like an enormous trompe l’oeil that seems to drop the observer in a cartoon where the laws of physics do not apply: windows, balconies and architraves have curved lines, as if the building was melting.

The author of the mural is Cheone, born Cosimo Caiffa, an artist of Apulian origin and for some time transplanted to the Milanese area, in Nerviano, for the love of a woman, as he himself writes in his bio. In recent years, the street artist has approached photorealism, a technique that allows him to create his works by imitating reality as much as possible. But, as the Porta Romana painting demonstrates, the dream dimension remains more present than ever; on this exquisitely Christmas-themed occasion.


Santa Claus arrives Catalan house Milan

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