Meadows, worms in the children’s school canteen: alert the Nas

Worms in the food served to the children and Nas investigating the case. This is what happened in the comprehensive ‘Dante Alighieri’ institute, in via Cassiodoro, in Prati. The first alarm was triggered on November 8 when the children found the worms in the rice. Immediate alert and request for clarification from parents including those of infants who share the canteen with elementary school.

A few days later, on November 15, following a meeting called between class and school representatives, the college of childhood teachers was obliged to reassure the families with a letter. On Friday 19 November, however, a new report arrives: this time the worms have been spotted in the pasta dishes. At that point the school management requests an inspection of the Nas which is carried out on Mondays. The result, according to what the headmaster communicated to the families, is that the carabinieri of the anti-sophistication and health unit did not find any discrepancies in the food processing procedures, the foodstuffs are suitably preserved, the utensils are in good condition and adequately sanitized. . In essence, the hygiene conditions are normal.

At the same time, however, the Nas took samples of pasta to be sent to the regional agency for environmental protection. The picture does not fully satisfy many families who would like to reactivate the canteen commission which has been suspended due to the anti-Covid rules. For its part, the councilor for educational policies of the first municipality, Giulia Ghia, when asked by Dire expressed the intention “to reactivate as soon as possible the control commission composed of the nutritionists of the municipality to periodically check the school canteens”.


Meadows worms childrens school canteen alert Nas

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