Gismondo dismantles the catastrophists: “Omicron? Unfounded panic”

Gismondo dismantles the catastrophists: “Omicron? Unfounded panic”
Gismondo dismantles the catastrophists: “Omicron? Unfounded panic”

The data available on the new Omicron variant are few: it is not known how dangerous it is, it is not yet known whether it can resist the vaccine and whether it is threatening even for the most immunized countries. The position of the virologist starts from this assumption Maria Rita Gismondo, which calls everyone to moderate the levels of concern while waiting for the first certain numbers. A warning against those who, through the mass media, launch catastrophic messages, generating widespread anxiety and terror.

The warning from Gismondo

The director of the laboratory of clinical microbiology, virology and diagnostics of bioemergencies of the Sacco hospital in Milan spoke to the microphones of It is not the arena on La7 to reiterate a concept already expressed in these days: the results are not solid and therefore it is not possible to give birth to an alarmist conception on Omicron. The virologist pointed the finger at those who said they already know the variant, labeling it as “super infectious and aggressive“: in your opinion who supported this”he truly committed a crime because it caused unfounded panic“.

For Gismondo there is a sort of procured panic, that is a crime recognized by the law. In the viewfinder, therefore, some news programs and various television broadcasts ended up which, in his opinion, were too quick to provide a dangerous judgment on the new variant. The expert complains that those of the last few days are rash conclusions, “without any scientific basis“.

Indeed, Gismondo has made it known that the first news arriving from South Africa and the good health conditions of the “zero patient” in Italy suggest that the symptoms associated with Omicron “they are absolutely bland“. Finally, the virologist wanted to underline an aspect to which probably little attention has been paid:”In South Africa, only 20% of the population is vaccinated“. So, if mild symptoms have been recorded in such a poorly immunized territory, it can be hoped that”in Europe we could be more than calm“.

Giletti’s outburst

Also Massimo Giletti, conductor of It is not the arena, he vented against the alarmists. The journalist believes that in the face of an anomalous situation, recently known, one cannot go haywire and take for granted that it is an indistinct threat for the entire population. The risk is that it could cause an unjustified terror in the citizens for a variant that (we hope) is perhaps not so dangerous. “People get scared, bags collapse … We look like hamsters in a cage! Why do we have to go crazy before we figure out what the hell it is?“was Giletti’s outburst.


Gismondo dismantles catastrophists Omicron Unfounded panic

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