The Cnr precarious workers after stabilization: «A relief. Our garrison in Rome lasted ten days and ten nights “

I am 328. They have years of research, international projects and patents behind them. From 2022 they will all officially join the CNR: a contract. The stabilization process of the Cnr precarious workers ended in the afternoon of November 30, with a note published by the same research institution: «This journey began in 2018 and has covered in everything 1,868 people with an investment that will go beyond that when fully operational 144 million euros. This new step is an effort of great proportions for an institution which, compared to some main international competitors, has the lowest level of state funding per researcher and the highest ability to attract research funds ». The stabilization process was not easy. In July, the precarious workers had organized a first demonstration because it seemed that all the plans had been blown. Then the guarantee of employment by the end of the year and then again, at the end of November, what seemed like a new backtrack of the administration. From there a fixed garrison began in front of the CNR headquarters which ended only on the morning of November 30.

“After the board meeting, we breathed a sigh of relief. There are still a few dozen colleagues to stabilize with the requisites and at least another 400 temporary workers who will meet the requisites by the end of 2022 ». To speak to Open is Francesca Gorini, biologist and precarious worker of the CNR of Pisa from 12 years. «We were in garrison in front of the central office in Rome – explains Francesca – for ten days, even at night. When the November 18 the CNR wanted to stabilize only about fifty temporary workers we were worried about, not just for us. The whole structure would have lost us: we have skills certified by research, years of work and patents ». Among those who slept in front of the Rome office was also Alessandro Melicchio, deputy of the 5 Star Movement: “The Cnr Board of Directors did what it had to do: recognize the merit of the workers who remained precarious, excellences of the country who work at the service of the whole community . recognizing the value of research in words is not enough. It is necessary to defend it, and with it the rights of researchers, in fact ».

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Cnr precarious workers stabilization relief garrison Rome lasted ten days ten nights

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