In addition to mourning, also the ZTL. In Rome, the fines do not even spare the families of the deceased

Death does not look anyone in the face, but the ZTLs are no different. It thus happens that the operators of the funeral services of Rome are sanctioned every time that the vehicles of the agencies, including the hearse, pass through the Ztl to go to the home of the deceased person.

Fines that funeral agencies then add to the expense report of families who have just suffered a bereavement. “Each funeral service in the ZTL area requires different vehicle accesses to the limited traffic areas: the hearse, the car with the staff, the van with the cash box or the one with the flowers”, explains Marco Aquilini, vice president of the Federation of Funerary Sections. Italian, a partnership that has supported companies in the sector since 1999.

And the penalties are far from light. “For each funeral, there are at least 4-5 fines, which if paid within 5 days cost 65 euros each, while afterwards they reach almost 80 euros – continues Aquilini of Federcofit Rome – In the end, for a single service, yes they can pay around 300-400 euros in fines if not more, which must be reimbursed by the family of the deceased, already grieving the loss of their loved one and also burdened by the important expense of the funeral “.

An entirely Roman case, which leaves aside the delicate moment experienced by the citizens, as was raised just a few hours ago by Avv. Francesco Figliomeni, Head of relations with the institutions of Planet Solidarity – Aps. “These fines, unfortunately, in addition to creating considerable inconvenience to the staff, are costs that then affect the victims’ families. We asked the Mayor of Rome, the Councilor for Mobility and the President of the Capitoline Assembly for an immediate intervention aimed at avoiding discrimination against family members of people who die or who take advantage of the religious function within the Ztl “.

The LTZ does not even exclude mourning

According to the vice president of Federcofit Rome, it is a situation that has been going on since October 2012. “It is a novelty introduced during the Alemanno Council, while before we could send the license plate numbers of our vehicles to the Municipality and we were exempted from any sanction for the entry into the ZTL – continues Aquilini – Yet according to the European Court of Justice, our sector performs an essential service of general interest. If this service was not carried out by funeral homes, the Municipality should guarantee it with its own means. Would they be fined? It is as if the fines came to the vehicles of the Ama or the local police that access the historic center every day “.

The case of Rome makes history in itself even compared to other cities. “In Milan, for example, to allow our vehicles to enter the ZTL for a funeral service, a special derogation has been in force for some years – explains Cristian Vergani, national president of Federcofit – by communicating the license plate numbers in advance to the offices of the Municipality, vehicles engaged in the funeral are exempt from penalties. It seems to me a common sense solution, which allows grieving families and us to proceed with the funeral service without unnecessary complications and economic burdens “,

A situation that had already emerged in recent months and that Roberto Gualtieri had indicated among his programmatic points. “The same mayor Gualtieri, during the electoral campaign for the ballot, had committed to meet us, but so far nothing has moved”, concludes Marco Aquilini, vice president of Federcofit Rome. Leaving also many Roman families victims of mourning and very high fines in a deathly silence.

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