Morace: “In Italy some clubs ‘tolerate’ women’s football. That’s hard”

Morace: “In Italy some clubs ‘tolerate’ women’s football. That’s hard”
Morace: “In Italy some clubs ‘tolerate’ women’s football. That’s hard”

The former player, now a coach, is among the protagonists of the Rakuten Tv docuseries “Campionesse”: “Here three generations and different countries are compared, maybe someone will understand what the right course is”

She has chosen to take part in “Campionesse”, the Rakuten TV docuseries available from today which tells the story of women’s football in an original and profound way, because “it broadens the gaze in time and space on our sport and I hope it pushes the federations to become aware that we cannot continue to propose male models for female players “. Carolina Morace is in fact one of the three protagonists of the episode dedicated to Italy together with Barbara Bonansea (Juventus) and the young Benedetta Orsi (Sassuolo). Each episode is dedicated to a country (for Spain there is also the new Ballon d’Or Alexia Putellas) and compares three generations of players: “It’s an important series because it makes us understand the differences between the situation in Italy. and other nations, which is not limited to football but to the position of women in today’s world. And we are certainly not comparable to Norway for example … “.

Hard attack

Morace then goes back to the female models in football, “which have not been protected. In the entourage of female Italy, unlike the male one, there are no former players. But why? There are people who have practically no experience, while former footballers with 70 appearances in blue are watching. Take a Betty Vignotto, who was an icon, is in the Hall of Fame, has been president, has done everything, what more needs to be done to deserve space ? I see figures placed there. Figures that do not bother. Women’s football must be in the hands of those who know it and who have made its history “. And again: “I hear about a 10-team championship? But is it a choice to go on or will it just get in the way? I am more for the second, also because there is nothing like it in Europe. What purpose does it have? Cost savings? Professionalism is needed, but certainly not with the 10 teams. Those who make such decisions obviously do not care about women’s football. Even among professional clubs, some are open because they have a culture, others do not, it depends on Some presidents here move only to earn, while abroad there are those who also do it to put into practice values ​​such as inclusion and non-homophobia. Juventus, however, are working well, others ‘tolerate’ women’s football We players seek equal dignity with respect to men’s football, which does not mean equal wages since men move a thousand times more money, but it means having the same opportunities for growth. right people in the right place, because even today there are those in charge of women’s football who say ‘let’s hope this fashion ends’. But where do we want to go? “.

Coaches and championship

Carolina Morace was sacked from Lazio at the beginning of October, after five defeats: “I’m still registered and I prefer not to talk about it, but I want to focus on the fact that four women who won something last season have been dismissed: Rita Guarino who at Juventus had won the Scudetto and was replaced, Betty Bavagnoli who had won the Italian Cup with Roma and was replaced, Manuela Tesse who had been promoted with Pomigliano and was sacked, I who had obtained promotion with Lazio and I was exonerated. I would just like to make you reflect on this. ” On the championship he says: “Milan and Fiorentina have lost the pace compared to Juventus. Roma are more or less where they were but play less well than in previous years. Inter, on the other hand, has grown and is having more continuity.”

Women’s football on TV

Women’s football is now also broadcast unencrypted on La7, which has bought the rights to one match for each matchday: “In a period like this in which the pandemic has brought problems and inconvenience, this is a very positive thing. I liked that Sky did not abandon women’s football, also considering that people have started to really watch it. ”

Mancini and the Azzurri

The closure is for the men, especially for the national team: “There were too many criticisms and perhaps Mancini was too grateful to those who won the European Championship. After that success many were mentally tired, perhaps the coach had to understand that some they needed more time to regain the right energy. But the chances of passing the playoffs are all there. “

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Morace Italy clubs tolerate womens football hard

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