Winter WEEKEND, new Arctic Invasion with Intense Rains and Snow. Details for Saturday and Sunday »

Winter WEEKEND, new Arctic Invasion with Intense Rains and Snow. Details for Saturday and Sunday »
Winter WEEKEND, new Arctic Invasion with Intense Rains and Snow. Details for Saturday and Sunday »

Weather: Winter WEEKEND, new Arctic Invasion with Heavy Rain and Snow. Details for Saturday and Sunday

Winter weekend with risk of snow even on the plainsThe cold bad weather does not give up! A new break-in artica it is in fact ready to influence what is now imminent weekend, thus destined to spend in the rain and snow on many regions.
The total absence of a stabilizing figure on a general scale and the consequent descent of various pulses of cold air towards Italy are the reason why too Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th December it will be two days almost from mid winter.

Let us therefore try to understand more in the detail, with the help of the latest data available to us, what awaits us on the front weather forecast.
The day of Saturday it won’t start that badly, but it will just be a mere illusion. Despite a relatively drier environment, in some regions it will still be advisable to keep an umbrella close at hand. In fact, already in the early morning some rain will affect the area of lower Tyrrhenian. During the day then, especially in the afternoon / evening, the rains will affect the Eastern Liguria, the high Tuscany and finally as well Lazio e Campania.
Sprinkle with name possible up to very low altitudes on the Alpine compartments, especially the border ones.
Elsewhere the weather forecast it will maintain a decidedly calmer context, also giving us some generous splash of sunshine.
However, everything will be seasoned by strong winds from the west, especially borne by the Tyrrhenian and Ionian sector, where the seas will keep agitated.

Thus we arrive at the day of Sunday when the atmosphere will not want to be quiet again. Indeed, unlike the Saturday there will be more meddling of the bad weather on many areas of the North East where during the first part of the morning it could also peep out there name as far as very low altitude its Trentino Alto Adige, Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia e even as far as the plain in Emilia.
Few hopes of experiencing a peaceful environment even for the central Tyrrhenian regions, from Tuscany up to Campania and to Calabria, dove clouds, rains intense and local temporal they will always be on the agenda, with even some nice snowfall on the Apennine reliefs around 1000 meters above sea level on the central ones and only a little higher on the southern ones.
Finally, the repeated presence of strong winds Westerners that will blow across the entire Tyrrhenian and Ionian sector where the seas will remain agitated at times.
Snow forecast in Emila for Sunday 5 December (early hours)


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