Drugs, weapons and extortion: a gang defeated in Oristano

Drugs, weapons and extortion: a gang defeated in Oristano
Drugs, weapons and extortion: a gang defeated in Oristano

The State Police vanquished a “thriving drug trafficking” which was based in the Torangius district of Oristano. Eleven precautionary measures were carried out, three of which in prison, and an arrest in the act of crime, with the agents who also managed to seize dozens of kilos of marijuana, for a value of about 250 thousand euros.

Also involved 4 women and an underage boy.

From the investigations – which were launched last year and which involved Cabras, Fordongiasnus, Villaurbana and Palau in the province of Sassari – it emerged, the investigators explain, “a thriving drug trafficking that gravitated around some of the current arrested and in particular to members of two Oristano families “.

“The investigation – the investigators add – also allowed the seizure of dozens of kilos of narcotic substances and the challenge, against two leading exponents of the city dealer, of the crimes of illegal possession of weapons and aggravated extortion”.

THE SYSTEM – “In the course of the activity – continue the investigators – it emerged that some small drug dealers used by the two families for retail sale, failing to pay for the narcotic taken in debt, had become the subject of death threats and heavy intimidation also through the use of a gun, in order to obtain payment for the drug consignments supplied to him “.

“The interception activity and the observation services put in place by the policemen of the Flying Squad – concludes the Police Headquarters – also highlighted the large quantity of marijuana that one of the families concerned had available, as well as the fact that all its members, including one of the minor children, fully participated in all phases of the management of the illicit activity, from which all the relatives drew sustenance “.

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