Pasticceria Elisenda opens its first Temporary Store

Pasticceria Elisenda opens its first Temporary Store
Pasticceria Elisenda opens its first Temporary Store

In more than 100 points of sale long S distributed throughout the country you can find not only a “pastry corner”, but a real professional pastry shop that offers products of the highest quality and beauty.

And the Pasticceria Elisenda, born from the collaboration between the Grande Esse and the starred restaurant “Da Vittorio”, with the experience and recipes of the Cerea Brothers, a name that for many is already synonymous with sweetness.

Artisan care, raw materials of the highest quality, a large assortment and a fine beauty to embellish the “after meal” and special occasions. All this is summed up in Elisenda, which also offers the convenience of being able to purchase quality products while shopping.

From cakes, selected and packaged according to the seasonality of the ingredients, to small pastries, so varied that it cannot fail to meet everyone’s tastes, Elisenda’s counter is a riot of colors and flavors. And there is also a very convenient booking and personalization service, which in two days allows you to have the perfect cake for your birthday, or for an important dinner, ready to be picked up at the most convenient Esselunga supermarket.

In December, on the shelves of the pastry department, the panettone signed “Elisenda” and all the desserts that can brighten up the holidays and bring tradition to the dishes, with very high quality standards, gain ample space.

And in this festive period, in which sweets populate the tables of families more willingly and more often, Elisenda has decided to offer an extra opportunity to the greedy, and to those who want to bring a sweet thought to their loved ones.

In the heart of Milan, in via Spadari 4, Elisenda opens the doors of its first Temporary Store: open from Monday to Sunday, from 9 in the morning until 20, this welcoming corner of haute patisserie offers all the best products by Elisenda.

Greedy tastings to accompany a coffee, a delicious and heart-warming snack, many gift ideas (even for yourself) and Christmas specialties, including leavened and non-leavened products. All this, once again, born from the collaboration between the excellences of the Esselunga brand and the chefs of the Cerea family.

It is also possible to discover the Elisenda world on the Esselunga website, at, and browse its many and delicious creations.

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