Varricchio at the Berliner Zeitung, ‘Italy political laboratory’ – News from the Embassies

Varricchio at the Berliner Zeitung, ‘Italy political laboratory’ – News from the Embassies
Varricchio at the Berliner Zeitung, ‘Italy political laboratory’ – News from the Embassies

(ANSA) – BERLIN, 01 DEC – The good management of the pandemic, the “excellent” economic recovery and the end of Euroscepticism in Italy, thanks to the support of the EU in the moment of crisis: these are some of the topics addressed by the Italian ambassador in Berlin, Armando Varricchio, in a long interview published today by the Berliner Zeitung entitled ‘Italy is a political laboratory’.

In his conversation, Varricchio also stresses that Rome is happy to collaborate with the next German government, and that Europe needs “a strong partnership between Italy and Germany”. Urged on Covid, in a phase in which Germany is looking at Italy with admiration for the good results of management, the diplomat explains: “We have learned our lessons. We have expanded the capabilities of intensive care, and procured medical machinery. for small town hospitals “. “Our approach is: we do not limit ourselves to introducing the rules, but we respect them in a coherent way”, he affirms, underlining that the harsh rules decided first by Conte and then by Draghi have led to the result that today “the numbers in Italy are of far better than those in other countries “.

Varricchio stresses that despite an 84.55% vaccination coverage, the Italian government still believes it needs to do more: “The measures will have to be tightened once again.

If the situation becomes critical, politics must act. “At the moment the health situation” is under control “and for this reason Italy has offered to welcome Bavarian patients in Lombardy if necessary. The ambassador then reports that “the Italian economy is developing in an excellent way despite the pandemic.” “European resources have been of great help, we can invest money in the long term and not only worry about the short term”, he explains. With political consequences: “We no longer have Eurosceptics, because the EU has shown that in the hours of the crisis it was there for the Italian people”.

A passage of the interview is also dedicated to the Italian political and institutional structure: to Germany, which is about to have a government based on a three-party agreement (a novelty), Varricchio illustrates the “good experience” made by Italy: “There are lively discussions – he concedes – but then we decide together. Italy is in many ways a political laboratory – he concludes – in which new things are tried “. (HANDLE).


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