“No to the guarantor of prostitution” – Libero Quotidiano

“No to the guarantor of prostitution” – Libero Quotidiano
“No to the guarantor of prostitution” – Libero Quotidiano

Marco Travaglio goes big against Silvio Berlusconi. Of course, it has been doing it for years, even decades. But how much packaged on the Everyday occurrence today, Wednesday 1 December, in fact has no precedent. The smear campaign against the leader of Forza Italia, now that he is at stake for the race to the Quirinale, levels up, ferocity and intensity.

Yes, why Daily fact on newsstands today is not the usual Done: twists the first page to start a serial campaign against the Knight, accompanied by the usual and useless and grotesque collection of signatures. And the piece accompanying the mudslide, it goes without saying, is signed by the director, Marco mud & Labor handcuffs.

The title is one of the aberrant ones: “No to the guarantor of prostitution“. So, the appeal:” From today on, are you signing the Berlusconi petition to the Quirinale? No, thanks on the website of the Done and on change.org “.

But, what’s it about? Soon said, of a sort of compendium of Travaglio’s career, built exclusively – or almost against Berlusconi. An over-cover (first and last page of the edition of Everyday occurrence) in which in fact the director re-extracts from his very personal rabbit everything he has written e reaffirmed in many books against Berlusconi. Year by year and chapter by chapter, a sort of story in installments against the Knight, accused by Labor of all the worst atrocities. It is defined as “guarantor of prostitution”. Creepy stuff. Labor stuff, in fact.

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