from Greece to grandmother Edda, a life of ups and downs before the harassment

from Greece to grandmother Edda, a life of ups and downs before the harassment
from Greece to grandmother Edda, a life of ups and downs before the harassment

His restaurant in viale Rinascita, in the heart of the historic center, has been called Il Ranocchiaro, testifying to how much Andrea Serrani is related to his Clairvaux, whose citizens are nicely called by the inhabitants of the surrounding municipalities. Yet the 45-year-old born in the city of Montessori lived for 7 years in Greece, where he had opened another restaurant ad Athens, with a somewhat singular name of Nonna Edda, just so as not to make a mystery of the owner’s political sympathies.

Greta Beccagli molested, who is Andrea Serrani

Serrani in Athens had started a family and he had achieved excellent results with his restaurant. But the call of Italy and home was too strong and then in 2016 he decided with his Hellenic partner and daughter born a few months before returning to his Chiaravalle. Wide shoulders and tattoos at first sight, in reality ups and downs with some episodes over the top. Passionate fan, two teams in particular in his heart, Biagio Nazzaro, a local team with a centuries-old history and Fiorentina.

Greta Beccaglia, three-year-old daspo to Andrea Serrani, the fan who harassed her on live TV

Greta Beccaglia, the journalist’s harasser, apologizes: “She was just a joker.” The TV presenter who played down in the studio is suspended

For years he had been waiting to go back to see the “Viola” and to follow her in the away match in Empoli he had also signed up for a fan card. The roots, those of Andrea Serrani, like many others: a family of good people, father, mother and brother and him. Sometimes too exuberant, in the past some boredom with justice. Everyone in Chiaravalle knows him and many are customers of his restaurant. The grandstand of the municipal stadium has often been his second home: he has always been one of the warmest and most active fans within the group of the “Rossoblù Brigades”. In the city there is no talk of anything else and his gesture – having groped the journalist live Greta Beccaglia after the Empoli-Fiorentina debrby – aroused many comments. The lawyer Roberto Sabbatini is keen to clarify that “Andrea has always been respectful of women, also having a 6-year-old girl and being sensitive to the issue”.



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