Introduction to Macbeth, with Carlo Centemeri: Prima Diffusa 2021

Milano – Thursday 2 December 2021, at 21.00, as part of the program of the First broadcast 2021, at Ambrosiano Refectory the meeting takes place in piazza Greco in Milan Introduction to Macbeth with Carlo Centemeri.

Milano – An evening to get to know the opera represented this year at the Prima della Scala, the Macbeth by Giuseppe Verdi: the musician Carlo Centemeri tells genesis, events and anecdotes related to the Shakespearean-inspired lyric drama, which opens the Scala season in Sant’Ambrogio.

Milano – During the meeting Carlo Centemeri also proposes listening to some passages of the work composed in 1847, which thanks to First Widespread it can be followed for free in 34 locations in Milan. The evening at the Refettorio Ambrosiano is therefore an opportunity to better prepare and follow the four acts, for a total duration of three hours, of the Macbeth by Giuseppe Verdi.

Participation in the meeting is a free admission upon reservation, subject to availability and with mandatory Green Pass. Further information on email or by calling 380 8922240 from Monday to Friday from 17.00 to 19.00.

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Introduction Macbeth Carlo Centemeri Prima Diffusa

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