Kicked for asking two passengers to wear a mask: Arenzano councilor attacked on the train

Kicked for asking two passengers to wear a mask: Arenzano councilor attacked on the train
Kicked for asking two passengers to wear a mask: Arenzano councilor attacked on the train

Genoa. This morning the commissioner for the environment and public education of Arenzano Giovanna Damonte she was attacked while she was traveling on a train bound for Genoa. His “fault” for having asked another passenger to wear the mask.

According to reports from Damonte herself, the attack would have taken place between Sampierdarena and Principe and would have followed the invitation to two boys to wear protectors, as required by the legislation regarding public transport. Damonte would also have offered a mask to the boy who did not have one but when asked to keep it on his nose, the fury of the 18-year-old girl was triggered, who first hit her with two slaps and then got on a seat to kick her in the head, despite other people trying to keep her, including the findazato.

After the attack, the two young people fled. Damonte was then rescued by the train staff and transported once she arrived in Genoa at the emergency room for appropriate medical treatment.

“I am disconcerted by this violence and morally destroyed – declared Giovanna Damonte to the microphones of Genoa24 – I don’t think we can talk to this person, I don’t want his apologies, justice will take care of it. And if she were a minor, I hope they will entrust her to social services to let her know what real life is “.

Solidarity from the world of politics was immediate.

Words of solidarity also from the president of the Liguria Region Giovanni Toti: “Kicks and slaps, on a train, just for having asked a girl to wear a mask, as required by law – he writes in a press release – An episode of violence that is unacceptable and to be strongly condemned. Solidarity with Giovanna Damonte, Councilor for the Environment and Public Education of Arenzano, victim of this nasty attack. When we understand that the enemy to fight is Covid it will always be too late “.

“We express our full solidarity with the councilor for the environment and public education of Arenzano Giovanna Damonte who was kicked and punched simply for having asked a girl, who was traveling on the same train, to put on a mask, as required by reads – so the council group of the Democratic Party-Article One in the Liguria Region – We absolutely condemn these gestures which arouse concern for the level of violence affecting sectors of society and which must be strongly condemned. What the councilor did was simply ask for the rules to be respected to protect themselves and protect themselves, nothing justifies what they have suffered. We hope that gestures like these will never be repeated and we hug her with an embrace of solidarity and closeness “.

“A big hug to Giovanna Damonte, who this morning was the victim of an unjustified, unjustifiable and shameful act of violence – writes in a note Democratic party genovese – We hope, as a community of the Democratic Party, that Giovanna will recover soon and that such gestures do not happen again. To nobody”.

Condemnation of the gesture also came from the Regional Council. Before the close of the morning session, the president Gianmarco Medusei expressed solidarity in the classroom, on behalf of the legislative assembly, with Giovanna Damonte. Not only: “ThePresident’s Office expresses the solidarity of the Legislative Assembly with Giovanna Damonte, councilor of the Municipality of Arenzano and collaborator of the same Bureau, for the aggression she was victim of this morning on a train. The condemnation of any act of violence and the need to identify and prosecute those responsible must be firmly reiterated – declared the president Gianmarco Medusei, the vice president Armando Sanna and the secretary councilor Claudio Muzio. We express full solidarity with Giovanna Damonte, who has carried out a civic act to protect the health of the community and the law. However, these episodes also require careful and timely reflection on the need for interventions by the institutions to activate all educational and social tools to stem these unacceptable forms of violence ”.

Assoutenti, expressing full solidarity with Giovanna Damonte, affirms: “We are witnessing an escalation of unacceptable violence that worries consumers and must lead to a harsh reaction from the institutions. After the case of the journalist groped live by a fan, that of the councilor being kicked and punched for asking for compliance with the rules on Covid: a drift of incivility that is horrifying and against which serious measures must be taken – says President Furio Truzzi – Just as the Daspo exists for the stadium against violent subjects, it is necessary to order a ban on access to public transport such as trains and buses also against the assailants of Councilor Damonte, and all those who do not respect the rules on Covid , starting with the one on the use of the mask “.

“In this sense and in view of the changes that will come into force on December 6, it is important that the police and railway personnel increase checks at the stations, verifying before passenger access to regional trains and buses the possession of the green pass, also to avoid dangerous situations such as today ”- concludes Truzzi.

“Our first thought goes to Councilor Damonte to whom we express all our solidarity – comment the General Secretaries of Cgil Genoa and Liguria Igor Magni and Fulvia Veirana – What happened this morning is very serious: the climate of hatred that is poisoning the vaccination campaign and measures to combat the pandemic only fuel very serious episodes of intolerance – and they conclude – the barbarism that pervades our society can only be countered with measures to support education, work and with an even greater commitment on the severity of this pandemic. Only in this way, as a society, can we have a chance so that serious acts like this do not have to be repeated “.

“What happened to Giovanna Damonte, councilor for the environment and public education of the Municipality of Arenzano, is unbelievable and must be strongly condemned. A violent physical attack against him only for having pointed out to some young people that they have to wear a mask on public transport as required by law “. Declares in a note the deputy of Coraggio Italia, Manuela Gagliardi.

“It is disconcerting that there are people who use violence, especially among young people, and who do not understand the seriousness of Covid, as well as the importance of protecting their own health and that of others”, he concludes.

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