“It’s mom’s cooking”

“It’s mom’s cooking”
“It’s mom’s cooking”

That sooner or later the name of Pino Cuttaia would land in Milan was conceivable. The Sicilian chef among the most interesting of Italian culinary art could not fail to open his kitchen in the most international city of the boot. So, for the two Michelin stars of the restaurant La Madia in Licata, the step is short. The Uovodiseppia bistro, with the format he designed, will light the fires at the Ariosto Social Club – the contest signed by Valeria Benatti and Emiliano Vitrano Catania – in the heart of Milan with its luxory residences and atelier in fashion, it goes well with the philosophy of Cuttaia. A Sicilian who lands in Milan. “Once upon a time people came to look for work. Today a Sicilian like me comes to communicate his own culture, to tell the roots of a people rich in values, traditions and contradictions. As an ambassador. Starting from seasonality, from a domestic gesture ». The biggest contradiction? «The illusion. When the product wasn’t there, it was invented. Soup becomes fish, garlic evokes the sea. It is sophisticated cuisine in its simplicity and poverty ». What is Uovodiseppia? «It is a place that becomes home. It is the contemporary “mother”, it is the return to a domestic kitchen ». The logo is the crooked prongs of a fork. «A tribal image, a stylization that starts from the drawing of my son Angelo, then a little one. A contemporary restaurant with a logo designed by a child ». In Licata the gourmet two-starred, in Milan the bistro: a good match. «My headquarters remains Licata. Here there will be a kitchen brigade that will follow a manual, which, like the artisan cook, will reproduce the dishes ». Those “themed” Milan? «The“ Pasta alla Milananese ”, or rather with sardines and wild fennel. We used to say “Milanese style” to say that there was no fish. The “Egg cutlet”, breaded as if it were meat. The “Baccalaro artichoke”, the “Arancina with mullet ragout”, the “Cornucopia of ricotta” ». Other openings? “Maybe. Milan is a starting point. Besides, the egg is reproducible, isn’t it? ” (Smiles, ed).

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moms cooking

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