«I’m not ruling out Veneto in yellow in the coming weeks. We are in …

«I’m not ruling out Veneto in yellow in the coming weeks. We are in …
«I’m not ruling out Veneto in yellow in the coming weeks. We are in …

Luca Zaia live from 12.30 to update on the progress of Covid infections and the vaccination campaign in Veneto. Dr Francesca Russo, head of the Veneto prevention department, intervenes.

According to the governor Veneto “Probably, if it continues like this, all of Italy, or almost, will turn yellow in the next few weeks”. This was stated today at Sky Tg24. However, Zaia underlined, “on the one hand there is the Super Green pass which should at least secure and prevent the closure of the orange areas, with the closure of the municipal boundaries and many activities such as bars and restaurants. On the other hand, however, the strategy is to vaccinate, and I gladly see that there is this day, it seems tomorrow, which foresees important vaccination actions ».


“We have decided to intensify these meetings to give all the correct training on infections, vaccines, schools and variants. 2,362 out of 138,491 tampons, last year we did 50 thousand tampons and in fact today the incidence is 1.70%. Last year at this time we had 7% of the positives ».

The news on booking. «From today free access to the first doses for a total security of the territory. From this moment on, whoever has received the reservation for the third dose will be reached by an email on the same day and will be able to modify his appointment safely from an attached link. All others who book from today will also have a link in the booking email to change the appointment, without losing their place. Before we had to cancel to rebook: we are improving ».

Veneto in “white”. “We are still blank. But it is not excluded it will come to yellow. Not next week but the other … We are at high risk: so many swabs mean so many positives ».

The president of Veneto, Luca Zaia, does not rule out the passage of the region in the yellow band
in the next weeks. He said this today in the usual press meeting at the regional center of Civil Protection, in Marghera. “I would say not next week, but the next one” explained Zaia, stating that in this sense, Veneto “is at high risk”

Hospitals activities. Dr. Russo: «We will evaluate the suspension of some activities in hospitals. We are doing a reconnaissance with all the Ulss and then we will publish a circular. The problem is the health and medical personnel. Strong pressure on the swab center and vaccination center. The staff is that. Specialists are being contacted for contact tracing. But the blanket is short. Something has to jump. ‘

Child vaccines. D.to December 23rd. The best solution is an agreement with pediatricians of free choice. A meeting with free choice pediatricians is scheduled for next week. The decision to vaccinate is made by the parent who interfaces with trusted doctors. Adults cannot unload the problem on children: it is better for adults to roll up their hands and think about getting vaccinated.

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