Tuesday 30 November good weather, bad weather Wednesday and Thursday

Tuesday 30 November good weather, bad weather Wednesday and Thursday
Tuesday 30 November good weather, bad weather Wednesday and Thursday

Nice and cold weather in Rome for today, Tuesday 30 November 2021. The capital woke up with a beautiful sun even if the temperatures are falling sharply with the minimum wait around 3 degrees centigrade. Rome too, like the rest of Italy and Europe, is in the grip of the frost coming from the North Pole which has brought snow even at low altitudes and in the hills.

Rome weather today, Tuesday 30th November 2021

The cold and icy air are felt even in Rome. The capital is recording temperatures much below the seasonal average these days with the mercury column preparing to touch the minimum of 3 degrees centigrade.

For today, Tuesday 30 November 2021, the climatic conditions in the capital are good with clear sky and sun forecast. No rain is expected, but temperatures fluctuate between a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 11 degrees. The situation is quite different in Rieti and Viterbo where the mercury column has dropped below zero; in Rieti during the night it reached -3 degrees centigrade, while in Viterbo and Frosinone it reached zero.

What can we say winter has officially arrived which marks the end of November and the arrival of December. Yesterday the snow fell in various areas of the Region even at low altitude with the white lady who colored the Reatino, Viterbese and the surroundings of Rome.

Weather forecast in Rome for tomorrow, Wednesday 1 December 2021

How will the weather be in Rome on Wednesday 1st December 2021? After a day of clear skies, sun and cold, the forecast is talking about a possible worsening with the arrival of weak rains which will intensify with the arrival of evening.

Possible showers on a large part of the city with 4mm of rain. On the rise, however, the temperatures that will oscillate between a maximum of 15 ° C and a minimum of 5 ° C. Bad weather will also be accompanied by winds that will come from the south in the morning, and from the southwest in the afternoon. Possible weather warning for severe thunderstorms.

Weather in Rome, Thursday 2 December 2021

After a brief interlude of sun and clear skies, Rome will again be hit by a wave of bad weather. Also for the Thursday 2 December 2021, in fact, they are expected thunderstorms and heavy showers. Temperatures that will fluctuate between the maximum of 13 ° C and the minimum of 10 ° C are slightly lower than the day before. Also for today possible weather warning for thunderstorms accompanied by moderate winds in the morning and stronger in the afternoon.

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Tuesday November good weather bad weather Wednesday Thursday

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