Snow as far as the gates of Rome, a drop in temperatures, an avalanche in the Aosta Valley. Frost at least until 10 December

Snow as far as the gates of Rome, a drop in temperatures, an avalanche in the Aosta Valley. Frost at least until 10 December
Snow as far as the gates of Rome, a drop in temperatures, an avalanche in the Aosta Valley. Frost at least until 10 December

Rome – The temperatures drop, it snows in Lazio up to the gates of Rome, it snows in Sardinia, snow has also made its appearance in Sicily, on the Madonie, while an avalanche this morning broke off in Valtournenche, in Valle d’Aosta, overwhelming a man.

Winter, two days ahead of the meteorological calendar (it starts on December 1st, unlike the astronomical one which begins on the 21st of next month), falls upon Italy with all its vehemence. The reason is linked to the “flow” of Arctic origin that set in motion over the weekend from North Eastern Europe, bringing a sharp drop in temperatures already during the night between Saturday and Sunday in Northern Italy and intensifying today. The result is a drop in temperatures of at least ten degrees in many areas of Italy.

Snow in the Central South

Beyond the alpine ridges on the border with Austria and Switzerland, the winter bad weather is falling mainly in the Center-South. occurs in the presence of a sudden thermal drop, often from storm cells at times with temperatures above zero degrees): graupel fell even in Cervia. Instead it snows on the Romagna Apennines starting from about 400m. A real “whip” of arctic origin brought the first snowflakes of autumn in Lazio, especially in the upper part of the Reatino and on Monte Terminillo, where the whitewashed mantle reached 20 centimeters this morning. In the inhabited area of ​​Pian De ‘Valli, however, the snow stopped at 8 centimeters. The areas of the Upper Velino and the highest altitudes of Cicolano were also whitewashed: it snowed in Amatrice and Accumoli, and in almost the entire crater of the 2016 earthquake, where there were also inconveniences to the roads along the Salaria state road, towards Ascoli Piceno. Snow also in Leonessa and in the border areas with Umbria. In all the rest of the province of Rieti, however, it was the rain that dominated: rain that became hail along the stretch of the Salaria heading towards Rome, with consequent inconvenience to traffic. The state of alert of the Lazio regional civil protection remains high throughout the day today. The snow has also arrived at the gates of Rome. The first flakes arrived in the morning. Snow mixed with freezing rain has fallen to the castles, namely Velletri, Lariano Rocca di Papa and the Pratoni del Vivaro, but also near Rome.

Sardinia was also affected. State roads 128 Centrale Sarda at Isili, 387 del Gerrei between Sant’Andrea Frius and Ballao, 198 of Seui and Lanusei and 389 of Buddusò and Correboi are affected by the presence of snow but in any case passable with slowdowns. The Campeda section of the state road 131 Carlo Felice where the vehicles are in action, in particular at Macomer, is also passable with slowdowns. The Anas recommends, for those forced to move in the sections affected by snowfall or subject to low temperatures, the use of chains or winter tires in the sections concerned, while the Civil Protection has issued the weather alert. Several countries are isolated.

Snow fell on the provincial roads that lead from Petralia Sottana and Isnello to Piano Battaglia. The arteries were passable but with snow tires or chains. Snow on the Gangi, Petralia Soprana and Sottana, Geraci Siculo, Polizzi Generosa and San Mauro Castelverde, Prizzi. Over the course of the night, temperatures dropped to zero. The peaks of the mountains have turned white like the ski resort of Piano Battaglia. At the moment the motorways are passable even if it is good to bring the chains with you. In these hours new snowfalls are expected. Due to bad weather, the means of transport for the island of Ustica did not leave Palermo. Hydrofoils and the ferry remained on the quay. Regular connections with Naples.

Avalanche on the ski slope in Val d’Aosta, a very serious security officer

Avalanche danger

And this morning an avalanche broke out in Valtournenche, in the Aosta Valley. A man, now hospitalized in serious condition, was run over. This is a 58 would now be in resuscitation. The dynamics that caused the detachment are still being defined. The “marked” avalanche danger has started, meanwhile in the Alps of Friuli Venezia Giulia, “moderate” on the pre-Alpine belt. The mountain area – reports the regional bulletin – was affected by abundant to intense rainfall, snowy even at low altitudes. In the Alps and in the Canin area the avalanche danger is 3, ‘considerable’: in general, medium-sized natural release avalanches of loose snow from rocky walls and very steep slopes are possible above 1800 meters. Furthermore, at all aspects, in the areas of accumulation of windy snow placed above all under the ridges, the forks and along the gullies it is possible to cause the detachment of slabs of medium and in some cases even large dimensions mainly with the strong overload. Even weak overloading on steep slopes is not excluded. On the Prealps, however, the danger is 2, ‘moderate’: on the higher slopes it is possible to cause small and in some cases even medium avalanches mainly with a strong overload.

The forecasts for the next few days

The winter, albeit in advance, therefore starts with a bang and makes the loud voice heard. After a short break, the bad weather will worsen again between Wednesday and Thursday: the Central South will always be the target of precipitation, with the snow that will reappear on the Apennine localities between Lazio, Umbria, Marche and Abruzzo. The snow will also return to Molise and Basilicata. While the rest of the country will experience a sharp drop in temperature. It will be just an appetizer: because cold and snow will probably characterize the entire first decade of December.

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