what’s wrong with the investigation, shadows in the judiciary – Libero Quotidiano

what’s wrong with the investigation, shadows in the judiciary – Libero Quotidiano
what’s wrong with the investigation, shadows in the judiciary – Libero Quotidiano

Paolo Ferrari

November 30, 2021

The judicial offices of Tempio Pausania must not be a high priority for the Superior Council of the Judiciary, the self-governing body of robes that deals with their promotions and their transfers. The concerns and attentions of the CSM are probably addressed to more important judicial offices, such as the Public Prosecutor of Rome, whose appointment of the prosecutor has dragged on for over two years between interminable appeals and counter-claims. Since all energies are concentrated elsewhere, the fate of a small court in the north of Sardinia has gone into the background, with the inevitable consequences. The prosecutor who carried out the investigations for sexual violence against Ciro Grillo and his three friends, for example, currently has a staff shortage of 33 percent, one of the highest in Italy. And there are only six years of service for the four prosecutors who carry out their duties there. To watch over these novice magistrates there is the prosecutor Gregorio Capasso who, in September 2018, was even left with only one prosecutor.

Capasso, whose name appears in the famous chats of Luca Palamara, had asked the latter “an extra-district application and an extraordinary publication of vacancies” in order to keep the disastrous shack going. The report, however, did not go through. The prosecutors of Tempio Pausania, as soon as they mature the minimum period of stay (three years), apply and run away. It would be interesting to understand why. Emblematic in this regard is the case of the prosecutor Laura Andrea Bassani, who conducted the investigations on Grillo junior and his friends. The magistrate, last April, even before having completed the second phase of the investigation, had submitted a transfer request for the Prosecutor’s Office of Sassari. Being the only candidate, the CSM had unanimously voted for her transfer, and in early August the public prosecutor was already in the new headquarters, leaving Capasso in a panic. The prosecutor, having learned of the transfer of his deputy, had declared that he had formally requested the “postponed possession” of the magistrate at the new office in Sassari, “in order to allow the colleague to define at least part of the burden of proceedings assigned to her and to try to close the most important processes followed by you ». Capasso’s cry of pain, however, collided with that of the head of the Prosecutor’s Office of Sassari, Luisella Fenu, who pushed for the immediate arrival of the prosecutor. Since these were two “opposing” instances, they had canceled each other out.

To stay on the subject of uncovered roles, it has been for about a year vacant the post of Attorney General of Cagliari. This is an important appointment, as the pg could arrange the application of Bassani to Tempio Pausania, so as not to leave Capasso alone in the days of the hearings of the trial of Grillo junior and his three friends. The investigation into the son of the founder of the relative majority party therefore fell into a Public Prosecutor’s Office abandoned by the CSM and the Ministry of Justice. Interminable investigation. The girl’s complaint to the carabinieri was presented on July 26, 2019, about ten days after the alleged violence suffered. The mobile phones of the four were seized the following month, their first interrogation took place on September 5, 2019, close to the formation of the Conte 2 government. The report on the mobile phones was filed at the end of January 2020. Then nothing more for months. The investigations were closed in November of last year, to be reopened and then closed again in May of this year. The trial, which will begin on March 16, promises to be very complicated. Grillo junior and his friends face at least twelve years in prison and they will play it all out in court. Beppe Grillo has already departed launches in rest with a super expertise to prove the unreliability of the girl. The defensive line is that it was a “consenting” relationship.

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