Draghi tries to lock the maneuver. Boarding of parties, disappointed trade unions

Draghi tries to lock the maneuver. Boarding of parties, disappointed trade unions
Draghi tries to lock the maneuver. Boarding of parties, disappointed trade unions

When Stefano Patuanelli tries to understand if the request for a modification to the superbonus may have a chance, Mario Draghi remains silent. It is Economy Minister Daniele Franco who explains that the problem is always the same and that is that money is needed to remove the 25 thousand euro Isee ceiling applied to single-family homes. That’s enough for the grillina delegation that inaugurates the round of consultations on the maneuver at Palazzo Chigi. In short, it is better to hang on to the possibility than to force your hand. After all, the premier will have his say only after having received all the majority parties and some tweaks, certainly not an upheaval, can be done if the majority speaks with the language of unanimity. But the search, which is also a necessity, for a dialogue to keep the budget law safe during the parliamentary passage, rests on a fragile basis. The breaking point is the number of amendments presented to the Senate: a total of 6,290, but 5,500 come from the majority. Among these 1,108 are signed by Forza Italia, 988 those presented by the 5-star Movement, 976 by the Lega and 865 by the Democratic Party. But the fragility is also represented by the opposition of the unions to the subdivision of the eight billion for the tax cut.

Now it is true that there are amendments and amendments, that is, proposals that do not weigh too much from an economic point of view and others that instead cost a lot. But the point is another and Enrico Letta hits it when he says he is confident that in the end an understanding will be found and the assault on the diligence will be avoided. How solid is this wish? Matteo Salvini has already made it known that his parents will present themselves to Draghi with an imposing request on the expensive bills: to add another three billion to the two already foreseen. Only this request upsets the balances, but also the political equilibrium given that the coverage identified by the Northern League is that citizenship income that the 5 stars managed to get reconfirmed even during the meeting with the premier and the owner of the Treasury.

It is not just a question of flags, already lowered from Palazzo Chigi during the gestation of the maneuver with the stop at 100 and the citizens’ income stakes, but also of a general attitude on the part of the majority parties towards the government they support. It is that of saying oneself responsible, taking a measure that will pour 30 billion into the country, and at the same time keeping a cautious and suspicious attitude towards the colleagues of the majority. Up to the point of presenting hundreds of amendments, as if to say we try in the meantime, then if Draghi wants to stop everything at least he will have avoided the fool of having left room for the others to retouch. The money available for speeches in Parliament remains the same as decided a month ago and that is 600 million. This does not mean that the basin will remain intact, but it will not become a well. Despite this, however, the parties are there to hope that in the end a crack can be generated and then everyone tries to get inside.

It will be the outcome of Draghi’s consultations to say how much this boarding will diminish, but the theme of self-management of the treasury remains strong. The dress rehearsal of what could happen during the examination of the maneuver in Parliament have already been staged. Four hours of videoconference meeting between the Government and the majority group leaders of the Finance and Labor commissions of Palazzo Madama on the tax decree. There are those, like Forza Italia, who have asked to make room for amendments worth millions of euros, when the Treasury has been repeating for weeks that only interventions are possible without new expenses. Also for this reason, the tax deadlines of November 30, such as those of the scrapping ter and of the balance and excerpt, will be extended only until December 9 (with a tolerance of five days, until December 14). And also for this reason the request, always made by the Azzurri, to commit the Government with an agenda to move the deadline to the middle of next year, was seen by the other parties as an absurdity. Off with the discussions and with a night session called to examine 200 amendments.

“And thank goodness it was a majority meeting,” said one of the participants at the end of the table, admitting the change of register when it comes to declarations to money. It will be more difficult this year to slip in the financing for the castle of a remote village, but the substance of the question remains and is that of a slippery alignment between a government that tries to go straight, caught between fears for Covid and difficulties. implementation of the NRP, and the majority parties that are struggling to support this march.

Draghi certainly does not intend to give in to defeatist or fraying dynamics, but the balance is not created by itself and he cannot ignore the movements of the parties. And it must also take into account the trade unions. When Franco receives the leaders of the CGIL, CISL and UIL, the agreement reached by the majority is on the table: 8 billion for the IRPEF, with an important intervention for the middle class, and 1 billion for the Irap cut. Maurizio Landini, supported by Luigi Sbarra and Pierpaolo Bombardieri, tries to shift the axis of the intervention below the threshold of 15 thousand euros of income, asking for an expansion of the no tax area. But the Minister of Economy replies that the scheme remains the one decided by the parties, with the support of the Government. When he leaves the Ministry of Economy, Landini goes down hard and says he is ready to evaluate “everything necessary to make the government and the majority forces change their minds because they are making a mistake”. Sbarra tries to move the shot forward by asking for a political confrontation. The goal is Palazzo Chigi, but Draghi does not want to question the agreement reached between the parties. Pulling the rope on one side would mean making it jump on the other. Nobody wants to be left with empty hands, but there is no margin from the government on this.

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