three vehicles destroyed, three more damaged

Flames on the night of Monday 29 November, in via Cassia where, in the Ama depot, three vehicles of the municipal waste disposal company in Rome were destroyed by a fire, while three others were damaged. The fire broke out in the square in front of a bar at street number 1747, around 11 pm. Firefighters and carabinieri were on site.

No one was injured, but the images are ongoing. According to the first findings collected by the soldiers of the La Storta company and by those of the Cassia Radiomobile Nucleus, the stake would not be intentional. Perhaps the fire could have been caused by a malfunction of a vehicle, with the flames which then flared up and involved the other cars as well.

However, it will be the report of the firefighters and the findings of the carabinieri to shed light on the fact. Of course, the damage remains for Ama. From what was reconstituted, the flames started from an Ama sweeper. “A tank vehicle, a van and a sweeper are irreparably damaged – explains Ama in a note – A complaint has already been filed on the fire. Fortunately, they were not present at the headquarters, when the fire broke out. employees “.

AMA vehicle fire 3-2


vehicles destroyed damaged

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