“They wanted to reconstitute the mala del Brenta”: 39 precautionary measures in prison. “The goal was to kill the repentant former boss Felice Maniero”

Thirty-nine precautionary measures in prison have been ordered since investigating judge of Venice against a group of people who, according to what was reconstructed, were trying to reconstitute the mala del Brenta, the criminal organization headed by Happy Manor which terrorized the Northeast in the 1970s. The operation was carried out by the carabinieri of Ros and of the provincial commands of Treviso, Padua, Venice and Rovigo. The allegations are of criminal association (and related external competition), possession and carrying of firearms, drug dealing, extortion, robbery, usury and other crimes, some with aggravating mafia.

The survey “Papillon“, Directed by the Venice Anti-Mafia and Counter-Terrorism District Directorate,” documented the existence of serious and consistent elements relating to the reconstitution of the disintegrated mafia organization“, A design that developed, starting from 2015, also following the progressive liberation after long periods of imprisonment of members of the fringe of mestrini, articulation of the mala del Brenta. According to the Courier service, among the intentions of the new criminal group there was also that of killing the former boss Felice Maniero to “punish” him for his repentance: for this purpose the gang had made contact with some hit men of Bresciano. To save Maniero from execution was his arrest in 2019 – with a subsequent four-year sentence confirmed on appeal – for mistreatment towards the partner.

“The day opens well, with yet another victory of legality on crime. Congratulations and thanks from all the respectable Venetians to the Ros dei Carabinieri and the anti-mafia prosecutor, who vanquished a gang made up of old offenders and new criminals who acted to get control of the territory “, writes the governor of Veneto in a note Luca Zaia. “A devastating mix for the legality but also for the serene social coexistence of a vast territory, which could have increasingly serious consequences. Having him killed is one of the most important operations carried out by the police and investigators in recent times. This morning – he concludes – a large part of the Veneto region knows it can live more peacefully; he knows that crime does not give up, but that the law enforcement officers do not retreat an inch ”.

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