Electoral polls, the Democratic Party in the lead off all while the Brothers of Italy collapses

Electoral polls, the Democratic Party in the lead off all while the Brothers of Italy collapses
Electoral polls, the Democratic Party in the lead off all while the Brothers of Italy collapses

According to the Swg poll for La7 news, the Democratic Party is in the lead in voting intentions and continues to grow, detaching all political opponents.

There is a certainty in the election polls of the last few weeks, let’s say from the administrative offices onwards: the Democratic Party has firmly passed the lead and day after day it seems to consolidate its virtual primacy more. The dem of Enrico Letta first overtook Giorgia Meloni’s Brothers of Italy – in the lead in voting intentions for a brief parenthesis that lasted the time of a summer – and now they are progressively detaching the two right-wing parties. There is also the League, in fact, still close to twenty points, which, however, fails to overtake the party of the coalition ally but not of the government. Salvini’s Carroccio paid for entry into the executive led by Mario Draghi with primacy in voting intentions, but even now that the Democratic Party is in the lead, it remains behind Brothers of Italy, which consolidates its position as a voice of opposition. The Swg poll for this week’s Tg La7 also confirms these trends, but let’s see it in detail.

The Democratic Party flies and detaches everyone in the polls, Read more and more first

The Democratic party, according to the Swg survey, it not only remains in the lead, but compared to last week it continues to grow and earns 0.3%. The dem of Letta thus rose to 21.1%, almost two points from Brothers of Italy, which instead fell by 0.4% and dropped to 19.4%. There Leaguemeanwhile, it earns exactly the tenths of a percentage lost by Giorgia Meloni’s party – and it doesn’t seem like a coincidence at all – and goes back to 18.8%. Salvini and his team are recovering, but they still remain a third force in voting intentions. Staccato, on the other hand, is the 5 Star Movement by Giuseppe Conte, who this week remains stable without losing or gaining anything. The grillini are at 15.7%, far from the first three parties.

Italia Viva is growing, Carlo Calenda’s Action boom

Come on Italy it rises slightly and returns to 7%, marking a plus 0.2% in a week. Berlusconi and his party have now crystallized for months on the same score, which however remains decisive for a future center-right coalition that wants to aspire to government. To follow there is Action by Carlo Calenda, who exceeds four points, gaining 0.2% and reaching 4.2%. Then Italy Viva by Matteo Renzi, which grew by 0.3% to 2.7%. Italian left by Nicola Fratoianni remains at 2.5%, followed by gave which lose 0.2% and drop to 2.2%. It drops by the same Mdp – Article 1 by Minister Speranza, which rose to 2.0%. Closes + Europe, down from 2.1% to 1.7%.


Electoral polls Democratic Party lead Brothers Italy collapses

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