Pokémon are back in Italy too! Beat FIFA 22

Pokémon are back in Italy too! Beat FIFA 22
Pokémon are back in Italy too! Beat FIFA 22

Almost two weeks have passed since the launch of the remakes of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, and although the two titles were not greeted with extreme enthusiasm at the announcement, the sales of the first weeks are making the two titles fly for Nintendo Switch. Game Freak’s fever for collectible creatures has never completely subsided, and once again the return to market of a Pokémon product manages to make sparks even in Italy.

I remake of Diamond and Pearl have jumped to the top of the ranking of the best-selling games in Italy, beating and relegating to third place one of the most popular titles in our peninsula: FIFA 22. The sports title of Electronic Arts therefore loses its primacy and must surrender to the Pokémon Brilliant Diamond brace, placed in first position, and Perla Splendente, who occupied the second box of the Italian ranking.

As happens every week, the ranking of the best-selling video games on consoles in Italy remains the same as the general one, but it is the one concerning sales on PC that always gives us surprises. In third place, in fact, we find Outriders, the new game developed by Peolple Can Fly. In second place, however, surprisingly the musou Dynasty Warrior 6 peeps out.

At the top of the ranking of the best-selling PC games in Italy we find Battlefield 2042, DICE’s FPS that debuted exactly the same day as the two Pokémon Diamond and Pearl remakes.

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Pokémon Italy Beat FIFA

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