Lagarde and memories in Turin: “For me this city is Italy”

Lagarde and memories in Turin: “For me this city is Italy”
Lagarde and memories in Turin: “For me this city is Italy”

Three snapshots to tell an event that catapulted the elite of the Italian economy and finance into the city. Three images that frame this first Turin day of the woman who holds the reins and the financial destiny of Europe: Madame Christine Lagarde, president of the European Central Bank, in town for the lectio magistralis at the “Colloquia on Science Diplomacy” , event of the Accademia dei Lincei in collaboration with the Agnelli Foundation and Collegio Carlo Alberto.

The first click is in the heart of the city. Snap before under the ancient stuccoes of the Carignano theater we begin to talk about the economic choices of Europe while the pandemic around the world was killing lives and the future. Doing the honors is the president of the Agnelli Foundation, John Elkann who at the end of the meeting will welcome you to the Agnelli Art Gallery, a symbolic place of the family that has ruled the fate of the largest Italian automotive company. Photographs at the entrance and a brief meeting with the mayor Stefano Lo Russo.

Madame Lagarde tells how Turin, for her, is Italy. Indeed, the first Italian city she knew, when she was still a child she came to visit it with her mother, a Latin teacher. A small anecdote that reveals an unknown background. Which tells how certain things manage to remain in the heart for an infinite time. But then it’s already time to talk about Europe.

And this is the second snapshot that gives the day. In the stalls and on the stages there is the economic-financial Turin. Of banks and foundations. There are the rectors of the University and the Polytechnic, Stefano Geuna and Guido Saracco; the president and general secretary of the Compagnia di San Paolo Foundation Francesco Profumo and Alberto Anfossi. And then again Evelina Christillin and her husband Gabriele Galateri, president of Generali; the president of the CDP Giovanni Gorno Tempini; the directors of La Stampa, Massimo Giannini, and of Repubblica, Maurizio Molinari. There is the president of Telecom Salvatore Rossi, the economist Mario Deaglio and the former minister Elsa Fornero. And then again Dario Gallina, president of the Chamber of Commerce, Giorgio Marsiaj, president of the industrial union, and Anna Ferrino vice president of the CRT Foundation board. There is also Christian Masset, the French ambassador to Italy, and with him the ambassadors of Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and the Philippines.

Listening to the one who set up the support architecture in the period in which Covid was hitting hard is a window on the recovery that will come, despite the variants, despite those who still do not believe in science and vaccines. It is a way of broadening the gaze. Introduced by Ambassador Ettore Francesco Sequi, Secretary General of the Foreign Ministry. An hour of speech followed by a round table moderated by Professor Wolfango Plastino, president of the Colloquia on Science Diplomacy, attended by among others Patrick Flandrin, president of the French Academy of Sciences and Alberto Quadrio Curzio, president emeritus of the Academy National of the Lincei.

The third snapshot of this evening is given by Turin, festively colored by the artist’s lights. With the geometries that from the street lamps in the square in front of the first Italian parliament are reflected on the pavé. In the square there are those who are curious and ask what is happening. And who recognizes Madame Lagarde. The photographers’ flashes go off. The cell phones of those passing by in the square light up. Then in the theater we start talking about economics. –


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