Salone del Mobile.Milano promoter of the Italian language in the world

Milan, 29 Nov. (Adnkronos / Labitalia) – “Italian language and creativity have always accompanied each other. There is not one without the other because Italian itself, written or spoken, is a language that blends creativity and history, roots and contamination, in turn influencing languages ​​that are much more widespread and spoken than ours “. Thus Maria Porro, president of the Salone del Mobile.Milano, on the sidelines of the meeting “The Italian of tomorrow. States General of Italian Language and Creativity in the World “which, opened by the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella, was held at the Foreign Ministry in the presence of Minister Luigi Di Maio, Minister of Culture Dario Franceschini and the curator of the initiative, the professor Severino Salvemini.

Purpose of the Manifesto presented during the event – in the drafting of which the president of the Salone del Mobile.Milano participated in the table “Italian, engine of made in Italy and innovation” – to relaunch the study of the Italian language abroad, starting from that genius loci that is universally recognized as the fundamental characteristic of the success of our products in the world.

“The involvement of the Salone del Mobile in Milan in such an ambitious project – underlines Porro – confirms the value of an entire supply chain which, on a daily and global basis, confronts the economic and cultural world, contributing with determination to the spread of the Italian language to the abroad and to the study or deepening of the same; think, for example, of the thousands of students enrolled in international schools of architecture and industrial design and the constant exchanges and commercial intermediaries between our companies and their foreign clients “.

“The demonstration of what I affirm – continues Porro – is that during the week of the Salone del Mobile, the babel of languages ​​that form the background of the fair and the city are all united by our beautiful language, be it represented by the name of a product furniture, of a company with its history made up of men and professionalism, of a wine to taste, of an ancient church to visit, of a unique work of art in the world. But we are also talking about the word Salone, universally recognized both as an event and as an all-round experience in the beautiful and well done “.

From 5 to 10 April 2022, the Salone del Mobile.Milano will celebrate the sixtieth edition since its birth. Sixty years of history of a country, its businesses and its citizens that have brought Italy to the top of the world in furniture and creativity.

“There will be no shortage of news – concludes Maria Porro – and I confirm right now that Italian will be at the center of a project that will once again place Milan, Italy and its businesses at the center of the international galaxy of inventiveness and ‘creative flair “.

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