San Siro, committee for the two stadiums in Milan. The big names take to the field – Chronicle

San Siro, committee for the two stadiums in Milan. The big names take to the field – Chronicle
San Siro, committee for the two stadiums in Milan. The big names take to the field – Chronicle

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After the committee “Yes Meazza” which aims to defend the current stadium of San Siro, a new committee is ready to take the field, in favor of the two stages: yes to new plant wanted by Milan and Inter but without destroying the historic Meazza. The idea of ​​fighting for the double stadium in the San Siro area comes from the senator of the Brothers of Italy Ignazio La Russa, who on the sidelines of the meeting of the City Council explains: “I proposed the creation of a committee for the double stage by offering the presidency to Ernesto Pellegrini (former president of Inter, ed) ea Maurizio Dallocchio (professor at Bocconi, president of the Lega Serie A board of auditors and founder of the advisory firm Dgpa, ed). They both told me they were interested. As well as Vittorio Feltri (municipal councilor of FdI and editorial director of Libero, ed) with whom I consulted and who told me: “Tear down San Siro it is a violation of Milan. ” “After the former president of Inter Massimo Moratti joined “Sì Meazza” and the former AC Milan president Silvio Berlusconi on Sunday he expressed doubts about the demolition of the current stadium (“demolishing the San Siro would be a deep wound for everyone”), here comes Moratti’s predecessor at the helm of the Nerazzurri, Ernesto Pellegrini, who with the Beneamata won the scudetto of records and two Uefa Cups. For him the new and the old system could very well coexist.
The two-stage thesis signed by La Russa is not new, the Milanese senator of FdI has been carrying it out for a few months, but the birth of the committee for the two plants not far from each other is a new element in the debate that started later that the municipal council led by the mayor Giuseppe Sala, last November 5, he recognized thepublic interest to the Rossonerazzurro project. A project that does not include two stages, but only a new plant where there is now parking and the Park of the Captains next to the Meazza. “If the clubs do not agree with the two stadiums, they will take responsibility for it”, La Russa says.
In the meantime, the discussion on the forms to start a debate on the future of the stadium and the surrounding area continues in the City Council. The chairs of the Urban Regeneration, Institutional Affairs and Olympics commissions, respectively Bruno Ceccarelli (Pd), Enrico Fedrighini (Room list) and Alessandro Giungi (Pd), reiterate the need for “a public discussion on such an important issue” – public debate still blocked by regulatory issues – and propose to “immediately start preliminary work in the competent council commissions of the Municipality aimed at discussing and defining a priority framework for entire urban area of ​​San Siro “. Giungi, in the Council, adds that “it would be appropriate to invite the historic club presidents, Berlusconi and Moratti, to the committee”. The Northern League Samuel Pool, instead, he calls into question the mayor: “Sala come to commission”.
The chairman of the Environment Commission and leader of the Green Europe group Carlo Monguzzi, finally, he goes back to the position on the organization of a public debate: “We must make public debate work, if necessary by modifying that piece of municipal regulation that for now prevents it from doing so. The real political question to ask is the following: is it legitimate to entrust to Milan and Inter for 90 years in the San Siro municipal area without a public debate? “.

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