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Twenty-four cycle lines: four circular, 16 radial, plus four motorways for two wheels that will cross the metropolitan area from North to South and from East to West (Greenway Villoresi, Greenway Adda, Greenway delle risaie and Greenway Ticino). here is the Biciplan gives 750 kilometers of infrastructure launched yesterday by the Metropolitan Council (with the opposition abstaining): it is called “Cambio” because it wants to mark a change of gear, “diverting” to bicycles at least 20% of total journeys and 10% of inter-municipal ones. The super-cycle corridors at the metropolitan level thus join the municipal cycle paths: 24 routes designed to connect parks, schools, companies, stations, hospitals, parks and museums, from the hinterland to the heart of Milan and vice versa. 80% of the services of interest are located at a maximum distance of one kilometer from the nearest line. In particular, 77% of the companies, 79% of the high schools (108), 83% of the stations and 74% of the health facilities are within the kilometer. The strategic plan is already there and is contained in a 140-page dossier on which designers from within the Metropolitan City, Studio Chiarini and Dicisio worked.
It starts from number 6, which is already under construction, and will connect Milan (from via Corelli) to Segrate and the Idroscalo, along the Rivoltana. It will be ready by June 2022 and will cost two and a half million euros (1.5 million works plus one million including VAT, expropriations and complementary interventions), resources that come from the Ministry. Line 6 will then continue to Caravaggio (for a total of 23 kilometers), serving a population of 112,000 people, eight high schools and six universities (five thousand students reached). By August 2022, one of the secondary support networks will also be built, the one in the Adda Martesana Homogeneous Zone, between Line 4 and Greenways G1 (Villoresi) and G2 (Adda).
“In the next few years we will invest about 250 million euros to fill the gap with other European cities which, on this issue, are light years ahead – underlines the delegate councilor for Metropolitan City Mobility, Beatrice Uguccioni -. The PNRR can give an extra boost and speed up the timing given that it addresses the issue of alternative and sustainable mobility “. In the meantime, we are starting to work with the Municipalities to draw up a list of priorities and to create the four” super tracks “.” They must be real cycle highways – continues Uguccioni -. A system will be created, not with tracks detached from the context and built as if they were an appendix to the roads. “They will be separate infrastructures, with ad hoc signs that make it clear how – through the track – interchange stations and points of interest can be reached. They will be equipped with optical fiber to allow innovative solutions, such as lighting that lights up as cyclists pass by at night and recharges during the day.
“Dedicated parking lots will have to be created and resources will also be identified for adequate maintenance – reiterates the councilor -. The Biciplan is a ‘budding’ of the urban plan of sustainable mobility and starts from a need also advanced by the Municipalities in a transversal way: to act on soft mobility in an organic way “. Avoiding stews.

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