Weather forecast in Italy: during the week still storms, snow and frost

Weather forecast in Italy: during the week still storms, snow and frost
Weather forecast in Italy: during the week still storms, snow and frost

ROMA – Many cities have woken up under a blanket of snow. Flakes fallen in Calabria, Sardinia, Umbria, Lazio and Campania. And it is only the beginning of a wider disturbance that will affect several Italian regions in the afternoon.

In Campania, the Civil Protection has extended the yellow level weather alert until 6 pm tomorrow, Tuesday 30 November. The peak of rainfall is expected in the afternoon and from tomorrow morning it is expected that the intensity will gradually diminish and thunderstorms will leave the place to occasional showers with gusts of wind. Snow has fallen on Vesuvius and temperatures are falling sharply. In several cities it continues to rain with some insistence. This aspect has convinced several mayors to order the closure of schools, public parks and cemeteries for today.

Yellow weather alert for the whole day today also in Sardinia. The notice was issued by the Civil Protection for snow, wind and storms that will affect a large part of the island. A temporary situation with thunderstorms and snow, which according to the weather office of the Air Force, should ease tomorrow as early as tomorrow. In the meantime, the white flakes have already appeared at hilly altitudes: between 400 and 500 meters above sea level. With the regional civil protection which advises to limit car travel only to cases of urgency and to keep informed on the evolution of the phenomena. The snow, in fact, is not sparing inconvenience on the roads. In addition to the slowdowns on Statale 389 Nuoro-Lanusei, in the early hours of the morning on Statale 131 “Carlo Felice”, which connects Cagliari to Sassari, motorists were bottled up for at least two hours in the Giave-Macomer section, on the Campeda plateau ( in Sassarese) due to the icy roads and snow. The situation is aggravated by the work in progress on that stretch of road where in some cases only one lane was used. In the middle of the morning, the salt spreaders came into action and traffic became smoother. Discomfort also on the provincial road 43 between Santu Lussurgiu and Macomer with unsafe trees on the roadway that fell due to the weight of the snowfall. Macomer fire brigade team on site. In Nuoro, the mayor has decided to keep the schools open at least for today, giving parents the possibility of being able to recover the little ones from kindergartens.

Uninterrupted rain for 48 hours and sharp drop in temperatures throughout the province of Benevento where in some areas, such as that of Fortore, the first snow appeared.

The bad weather that has been raging for days on the Calabria this morning brought a sharp drop in temperatures and copious snowfalls on all mountain areas, as well as rain and wind. In fact, since this morning, it has snowed on Sila and Pollino and the main tourist centers are covered with snow above 1200 meters. Hailstorms are reported in various pre-mountain areas. For the next few hours, forecasts still indicate a drop in temperatures that could bring snow up to 900 meters above sea level. At the moment the bad weather conditions are not causing particular inconvenience, even if on many internal roads it is difficult to circulate due to the snow.

In Sicily. the heavy rains of the last few days today also brought down the tuff wall at the Angeli cemetery in Caltanissetta: about fifteen niches containing remains from the beginning of the last century have been destroyed. THE

An avalanche fell on a ski slope in the Valtournenche area in Valle d’Aosta and overwhelmed a skier. The accident occurred around 11 am near the Grand Sommettaz ski lift. The skier was pulled out of the snow and transported to the hospital in Aosta: his condition is serious. According to what has been learned, this is a man residing in the Aosta Valley.

Some municipalities of the Lazio and also at the gates of Rome from the early hours of this morning. Snow mixed with freezing rain has fallen to the castles, namely Velletri, Lariano, Rocca di Papa and the Pratoni del Vivaro, but also near Rome. Snow also in Viterbo, Rieti and in the Frosinone area. Astral has activated snow blowers on some.


Bad weather is serious: during the week that has just begun, new polar raids will head towards Italy and we will still have to deal with storms, snow at low altitudes and with a gradually more rigid climate. Antonio Sanò, director and founder of the site announces that in the next few hours we will have to deal with the effects produced by an insidious polar irruption: real storms are not to be excluded, with accumulations of rain up to 100 mm (100 liters per square meter) in a short time.

The regions most at risk will be Lazio, Campania, Basilicata, Molise, Puglia, Calabria, Sardinia and Sicily. Snow will also return along the Apennines and in the Sardinian mountains, with flakes at very low altitude for this period and up to below 500/600 meters. Maximum attention also to the cold winds that will blow from the northern quadrants (Bora and Mistral) over the whole of Italy. Especially on the two major islands, stormy gusts are expected at over 100 km / h with the more than real risk of storm surges.

In the North we will have a greater amount of sunshine, but pay attention to the temperatures: the cold will be really intense, with values ​​that will go down to below 0 ° C at night and not only on the mountains and in the alpine valleys, but also on many stretches of the Po Valley. . Here we could easily experience the first extended frosts of the season which will be more evident in the suburbs and open country areas where the mercury columns can drop further than within large cities.

After a more stable Tuesday for everyone from Wednesday 1 December a new vortex fed by currents downhill from Northern Europe will deepen on our seas, triggering yet another wave of bad weather, with the risk of storms and intense rains first on Sardinia and on the regions of the Center-South especially the Tyrrhenian sector, then also in the North in particular on Lombardy, Emilia Romagna and Triveneto.


Monday 29. In the north: last snowfalls in the Alps, more sun elsewhere. Middle: bad weather in Lazio, Sardinia and the Adriatic regions, snow at 5-700 meters. In the south: bad weather in Campania, Calabria and Sicily, snow at 800 meters.

Tuesday 30. In the north: mostly sunny, morning frosts. Center: prevailing sun. In the south: a bit unstable in Puglia and between Sicily and Calabria.

Wednesday 1st December. In the north: it covers itself from the afternoon, showers on La Spezia. Center: worsens in the Tyrrhenian regions and in Sardinia with showers from the afternoon / evening. In the south: it gets worse in Campania with rains by evening.

Thursday with bad weather over most of Italy.

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