Vitelli inaugurates the atelier-shop in Milan

Vitelli inaugurates the atelier-shop in Milan
Vitelli inaugurates the atelier-shop in Milan
Vitelli’s atelier-shop in via Felice Casati

From production space to shop. An evolution, that ofOkt-Organic knitting theatre, the atelier inside the space Calves in Milan, which comes on the basis of the recent structuring of the knitwear brand, led by creativity Mauro Simionato. Joined this year’s Cnmi-chamber of Italian fashion, Vitelli brought his spring-summer co-ed for next year to the runway in September (see MFF of 25 September).

While in the basement at 32 via Felice Casati, a few steps from the Repubblica station, the prototypes of the reloaded knitwear signed by Vitelli continue to be produced, which with the growth of the brand has chosen to outsource the bulk of the production to a network of external laboratories. , since last Saturday the main restaurant also welcomes clothing for sale. A space where the desk, around which ideas for the collections are born, dialogues with the shop setting, distinguished by the red thread of Doomboh fabrics, coming from textile deadstocks, and hybrid surfaces of algae and yarns, composed and made from the atelier.

These materials, resulting from innovative and responsible production processes, thanks to the use of waste raw materials and low-impact processes, are used as curtains and to cover waiting seats and other objects. Like an all-over signature, the material metaphor of a fashion project that aims to rewrite, point by point, the path of Italian knitwear. (All rights reserved)


Vitelli inaugurates ateliershop Milan

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