44 years old ends up in hospital- Corriere.it

44 years old ends up in hospital- Corriere.it
44 years old ends up in hospital- Corriere.it
from Rinaldo Frignani

Overheard by the police the companion and a friend who were on board with the victim. It is not clear if she was pushed out of the car or if she tried, for reasons yet to be clarified, herself to get off the road

From last November 27th hospitalized with the fracture of the pelvis and bruises in various parts of the body. The woman, a 44-year-old Roman, was miraculously saved by one fallen from a car moving on Great ring road at the junction for via Aurelia.

At that moment in the car, according to the reconstruction of the police were there two men, one of which would be the partner of the 44-year-old: they would have already been identified by the investigators who also heard them. I am investigations underway to reconstruct the story why not clear whether the victim is been thrown out of the car or tried, for reasons still today to be clarified, herself of descend from the racing car.

From i primi rescuers there have been some motorists who stopped and gave thealarm. It was around nine in the evening when an Ares 118 ambulance transported the victim to the hospital. It is not excluded that investigators can feel again the forty-year-old to check out some details of the affair. For the moment we are investigating in all directions, including the hypothesis of a story by mistreatment against the woman he has, he may have tried to save himself by risking get killed.

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