Marco Paolini meets Paolo Cognetti: conversation between theater, literature and the mountains

Milano – Tuesday 30th November 2021, at 17.00, al Cloister Nina Vinchi of Milan a meeting between Marco Paolini, on stage at the Strehler Theater with his show Sani!, and the writer Premio Strega 2017 Paolo Cognetti.

Milano – An artist and a writer, who are also two great mountain lovers, for one conversation between theater, literature and paths. From the mountains of Val d’Aosta to the Piave valley, in the name of common love for the mountains and its language. Marco Paolini converses with Paolo Cognetti, writer, born in 1978, whose interplanetary success literally exploded in 2016, following the publication of the novel The eight mountains, the story of a restless young man and his intense relationship with the mountains.

Milano – The title of Paolini’s show, Sani!, which refers to a usual greeting formula for those who meet on the way, among the paths of the eastern Italian peaks, is the starting point for a conversation between two intellectuals with a rich and multifaceted personality, who find the opportunity in the roughness and fatigue of the mountain for heal the wounds of the soul and for to mend a more genuine relationship between man and the environment, with society and with one’s own inner dimension.

Admission is free in compliance with anti Covid-19 regulations and subject to availability, with reservations required (for info 02 21126166).

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