Assault on ATMs, three arrests. The videos of the explosions – Chronicle

Assault on ATMs, three arrests. The videos of the explosions – Chronicle
Assault on ATMs, three arrests. The videos of the explosions – Chronicle

Florence, November 29, 2021 – Three arrests for the assaults on ATM occurred in recent months in the province of Florence. They are three from Foggia: AR, 37, from Orta Nova, with multiple judgments for specific crimes, his nephew RR, 22, also from Orta Nova, and GP, 36, from Stornara, now in prison for theft and attempted aggravated theft against banks e post offices, detention and public transport of explosive devices and aggravated theft of cars.

The arrests made on Sunday by carabinieri of the Operational Unit of the Compagnia di Firenze, supported by colleagues from the Companies of Foggia and Cerignola, had been requested by the Florence Public Prosecutor (deputy prosecutor Carmine Pirozzoli) and granted by the investigating judge Piergiorgio Ponticelli.

The investigation had started with the explosion of the ATM of the Monte dei Paschi di Siena in via Pistoiese in Florence on 27 October. In the video of the security cameras, two men with balaclavas on their heads are seen using a metal casing in the shape of an “T” containing explosives, the so-called marmotta, introduced inside the ATM. The counter blows up and the money, several tens of thousands of euros, is taken away.

The bandits had arrived in Florence with a “clean” car, hired, and had settled in a bed & breakfast in the city; they had carried out numerous inspections on the areas to be hit and related escape routes to be used. A few hours before the attack they had stolen a car in the area and in less than three minutes the criminals, inserted the explosive inside the slot of the ATM and triggered it with a fuse, managed to take away the cash from the ATM.

To try to make their identification more difficult, they had turned off cell phones for the duration of the action and used secondary roads for escape, then abandoning the stolen vehicle before returning to the province of Foggia. The same vehicle was later found by the carabinieri in Signa, with a 20 euro banknote inside with traces of anti-theft ink of the type used in ATM devices.

The group was confidently challenged at least one other shot, the one at the post office of San Casciano in Val di Pesa, in Cerbaia, on the night of November 7th. Same modus operandi already used in Florence, after a series of inspections at some ATMs in the province and after having stolen an Alfa Romeo Giulietta, they had targeted the Postamat counter of the Cerbaia office (already targeted several times in the past). In that case, however, they were forced to flee after the explosion, unable to take away money. Shortly after they were identified by the carabinieri and the Arezzos Traffic Police on the A1 motorway, in the Aretino area; they were searched and found in possession of tools used to open the ATM, part of a fuse, balaclava and numerous banknotes still stained with anti-theft ink. From there the arrest as suspects of crime and, on Sunday, the arrests.

Investigations are continuing to identify any accomplices.

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