the 5 Stars occupy the classroom and the Digos arrives

“Fewer waiting lists”. “Enough political appointments”. “You have mutilated health”. “We defend health”. “No to (not reform”. With these slogans displayed above and to the sound of whistles and screams, the 5 Stars occupied the council chamber of the Lombardy Region, decreeing the suspension of the Council.

Chaos Monday morning in the Pirellone classroom after the President of the Regional Council, Alessandro Fermi, announced the inadmissibility of over a thousand amendments and more than 3,900 agendas out of the 4,810 filed by the opposition to the health reform, Pd and M5S ahead. “This is an officially established trap” protested the leader of the 5 Stars Massimo De Rosa.

Video: the protest at the Pirellone

The 5 Stars therefore first occupied the center of the classroom and the benches of the presidency and the council, with whistles and banners. After several reminders Fermi proceeded to 7 expulsions, interrupted the session and called the Digos to remove the expelled ones.

Pirellone occupied by the 5 Stars

Massimo De Rosa told what happened on Facebook: “Absurd. This morning (Monday, ed.) I was expelled together with some colleagues because we protested in front of the cut of our amendments and agendas to the non-reform Fontana – Moratti. Before they reject confrontation and then eliminate our proposals. Let’s defend public health “.

De Rosa himself then posted a short video of the situation. “We have occupied the council chamber. We defend the health of the Lombards, take us out of force! We have cut over 3500 agendas, but are we kidding?”, Commented the pentastellato councilor.


Stars occupy classroom Digos arrives

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