The serial thief who, with the excuse of asking the time, rob the inhabitants of Pigneto

“Sorry, do you know the time?”. With this excuse, seven times (at least those ascertained), he approached men and women who live in Pigneto and Torpignattara, and then threatened them with a knife, robbing them of smartphones and wallets. A nightmare that went on for months in the quadrant between via Romanello da Forlì, via Galeazzo Alessi, via Casilina and via Prenestina, between May and September.

To put the point on this story of serial robberies, the carabinieri from the Torpignattara station who, coordinated by the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Rome, arrested a 23-year-old Malian citizen, currently detained in the Sollicciano Firenze prison, reached by a order of precautionary custody in prison, issued by the investigating judge of the Court of Rome for a series of aggravated robberies.

The modus operandi reconstructed by the military was almost always the same. The 23-year-old, between 22 and 5 in the morning, approached people who came out of the house to throw out the garbage or who returned from work, under the pretext of asking the time, approached them and then, threatening them with a knife, tore them from your hands smartphones, wallets or bags.

Robberies all reported which allowed the investigators of the Arma to identify the suspect. From there, through the classic photographic recognition, the victims confirmed the suspicions of the carabinieri who proceeded with the arrest. During the execution of the magistrate’s ordinance, the military also discovered that the 23-year-old from Mali was already imprisoned for other crimes at the Tuscan prison of Sollicciano and so they delegated the colleagues of the Compagnia di Firenze Oltrarno to notify the precautionary measure. .


serial thief excuse time rob inhabitants Pigneto

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