Catania: teacher massacred by a mother

CATANIA – The policemen of Catania have denounced a twenty-six year old responsible for having attacked the former teacher of the son who had been waiting at the exit of school with kicks and punches. The teacher, in fact, after finishing the lessons, was preparing to go home in her own car when the mother of one of her former students, opened the door of the car, grabbed her and dragged her out of the vehicle, throwing her away. land on the asphalt.

Then he started kicking and punching her, in front of parents and pupils who witnessed the abhorrent scene in disbelief. Once the beating was over, the woman made her son approach, showing him pleased with the result of his violent action. For the beatings suffered, the teacher was transported by emergency ambulance to the nearest emergency room.

The punitive expedition was due to a reprimand made a year earlier by the teacher to the son of the beater. The latter had gone to the teacher telling her that, as soon as possible, she would have made her pay: “Ora sugnu pregnant, but as soon as you give birth to the first coppa su pi tia”, she would have said at the time.


Catania teacher massacred mother

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