Bad weather, Italy in the grip of arctic frost. Twenty to 100 per hour and schools closed

Bad weather, Italy in the grip of arctic frost. Twenty to 100 per hour and schools closed
Bad weather, Italy in the grip of arctic frost. Twenty to 100 per hour and schools closed

Rome, November 29, 2021 – Il bad weather in Italy is serious: in the course of the week just started new ones polar break-ins they will head to Italy and we will still have to deal with storms, neve a quote bass and with an increasingly harsh climate. Antonio Sanò, director and founder of the site announces that already in the next few hours we will have to deal with the effects produced by an insidious polar invasion: real storms cannot be excluded, with accumulations of rain up to 100 mm (100 liters per square meter) in a short time.

Forecasts, the map

The regions most at risk will be Lazio, Campania, Basilicata, Molise, Puglia, Calabria, Sardinia and Sicily. Snow will also return along the Apennines and in the Sardinian mountains, with flakes at very low altitude for this period and up to below 500/600 meters. Snow also in Umbria, awakening under a light snowfall for almost the entire province of Perugia. The rainfall mainly affected the Apennine areas of the region, from Gubbio, Gualdo Tadino, up to Valnerina, where precipitation was more abundant in Castelluccio of Norcia and in general above 800 meters of altitude. Snow that has also fallen from the western part of Umbria, in Città della Pieve the historic center has been completely whitewashed.

Winds and temperatures

Maximum attention also to the cold winds that will blow from the northern quadrants (Bora and Mistral) over the whole of Italy. Especially on the two major islands, stormy gusts are expected beyond 100 km/h with the more than concrete risk of storm surges. In the North we will have more sunshine, but pay attention to the temperatures: the cold will be really intense, with the values ​​that will last until below 0 ° C at night not only on the mountains and in the alpine valleys, but also on many stretches of the Po Valley. Here we could easily experience the former extensive frosts of the season which will be more evident in the suburban areas and in the open countryside where the mercury columns will be able to drop further than inside the big cities. After a more stable Tuesday for everyone from Wednesday 1st December a new vortex fed by currents descending from Northern Europe will deepen on our seas, triggering yet another wave of bad weather, with the risk of storms and intense rains first on Sardinia and on the regions of the Center-South especially the Tyrrhenian sector, then also in the North in particular on Lombardy, Emilia Romagna and Triveneto.

Dead rescuer

A belonging to the Alpine and speleological rescue Sicilian died last night during a rescue operation on theEtna. This was announced by Sass who in a press release wrote: “He passed away Salvatore Laudani, friend, colleague ”, adding that“ all the Sicilian Alpine and Speleological Rescue joins the pain of the family ”.

Closed schools

First snow of the season in the province of Terni, where several places have woken up white. To be affected by bad weather is above all the Orvieto area, including the city of Orvieto, where it snows at all altitudes. Traffic was temporarily blocked along state road 71 ‘Umbro Casentinese Romagnola’, in Monteleone, in both directions, due to a vehicle traversed in a stretch affected by heavy snow. Because of
meantime were bad weather schools closed, for today, in some municipalities of the area, such as Parrano and San Venanzo. In Orvieto, in the historic center, even Piazza del Duomo has been covered by a patina of snow. Schools also closed in north Sardinia. Whitewashed urban centers and difficulties in moving around have led the mayors of Pattada, Buddusò and Alà dei Sardi (Sassari) to close schools at least for today.


An avalanche hit a man a Valtournenche, in Valle d’Aosta, transported in critical condition to hospital. The Valdostano Alpine Rescue helicopter intervened on the spot. The dynamics of the detachment are still being defined, while inspections are underway to verify that there are no other people involved, with canine units and personnel on the ground. Impossible to fly over by helicopter due to the wind blowing very strongly.

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