Fake green passes, in Rome there are those who exchange it to enter the disco

November 29, 2021 11:58 AM

To document it the hidden cameras of “Controcorrente”

Not only Green pass falsi purchased on Telegram, but also a real one exchange of health certificate among friends. It would be the solution of some young people intercepted a Roma to enjoy the evenings in dance club without resorting to vaccination or tampons. To document it is “Countercurrent“who, with a hidden camera, manages to interview some of them. “You get the Green pass from an adult and you have it sent to you via pdf, via email “, explains a boy intercepted outside a club in the capital.


“Usually they send it to each other, take a screenshot of the Qr code and if they exchange it, “says another young man.” They got the Green pass from whoever had it and went to the disco “, finally reveals another, guaranteeing that many of his peers use this mode to be able to do everything without big problems.


Fake green passes Rome exchange enter disco

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