80 square meters in sage green for timeless elegance

80 square meters in sage green for timeless elegance
80 square meters in sage green for timeless elegance

Look to the past, but without giving in to nostalgia, the Milanese apartment of a journalist and television author, inside a building with classic style a few steps from Porta Venezia. The project of Dainelli Studio it fits into the history of the place, combining traditional elements artfully restored with contemporary insertions that outline the new style and the new life of the house.

80 square meters organized “as it once was”, with a long central corridor which gives access to the spaces, were renovated with minimal structural interventions (only the living room wall was knocked down to bring light into the hallway and create a more airy area) and through theuse of color.

Entrance and living area have the dominant tone Sage green, used both for the walls in order to enhance the plaster decorations on the ceiling and for the containment boiserie with a ribbed finish. The undisputed protagonists are the cementine, with their palette and floral decorations, leave as much as possible visible by furnishing the living room with a few pieces arranged along the perimeter.

In the kitchen wins the antique pink custom furniture, inspired by 1950s American kitchens with a reference to French bistros, particularly evident in the element of the wooden bench. To make the whole precious splash guard marble effect with important dark gray and amber veins and the taps chosen in a shiny gold finish, played down by the blue resin floor.

One of the most interesting aspects of Dainelli Studio’s work was the ability to define each room with a different character and to obtain, despite the audacity of the design, a harmonic and delicate home, where no discordant notes are perceived. The bathroom with optical-effect floor and the bedroom made functional by the wardrobe with suspended sliding doors in reflective brass speaks its own language. In line with contemporary needs, it desk-vanity positioned in the corner, eclectic furniture that defines a very private micro home office.



square meters sage green timeless elegance

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